Pervasive rot at core

This state's voters, apparently still being of a 1960s mentality, selected a mediocre intellect as governor over a man of proven great intellect--she has a white skin and Mr. Chris Jones didn't. We are witnessing the results.

Her cabal has shown itself willing, at her behest, to pass laws that are contrary to the state's constitution. She was more than willing to sign them without consideration of the legality. She has a "veto-proof" majority in both houses.

For reasons incomprehensible to many of us, her attorney general seems bent on enforcing them without regard to the constitution. He appears willing to render the loyalty to her that her mentor demanded of his attorney general, Bill Barr. It may cost us a fortune in legal fees and courts' time wasted before both of them are shown their limits by the courts at various levels.

Another example is in that abominable LEARNS Act. It demands 75 hours of "community service" for graduation. Unless imposed by a court as a punishment, I believe that is illegally imposed involuntary servitude, otherwise known as slavery. But it is in the act signed by our Empress and illegal on its face!

This collection of troglodytes, coprolites, and mental midgets that presently infest our state's government don't have credentials among them indicating any medical competence, yet have regulated medical practice that limits the proper care and medical treatment of its citizens by competent medical practitioners.

The Empress and her cabal have made it plain that they're intent on limiting our rights to those approved by Republicans. Following a "personality cult" of worshiping Trump, there is pervasive rot at the core.



Bank rules exasperate

I am more than a little confused by the local banks. After making a cash withdrawal from their ATM, the bank would not exchange the cash for a hundred-dollar bill I wanted for a gift because I did not have an account with them. The second bank, the same story. The third try, I got my bill.

I fail to see the reason for this and resent the inconvenience. Any explanation?



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