The biggest loser is ...

We all know by now who Donald Trump is and what he stands for: evil incarnate, the Antichrist of politics. He stands for chaos and the forces of darkness. To him women are to be belittled, sexualized, and discarded. The Constitution is to be ignored. Elections are for losers; coronations are the way to go. Graceless and ignoble, he smears his political opponents and demeans and degrades the Republican Party that has made a compact with the Devil and embraced him for political gain.

Even without being elected he is poisoning the political atmosphere by interfering with the compromise reached by Republicans and Democrats to ease the crisis at the border, finalize a budget for the country and fund more military aid to Ukraine. Republicans, including the besotted, spineless herd of congressmen and senators from Arkansas, bow and genuflect at his every command.

It is incomprehensible to me that millions of normal, intelligent Americans consider him not only worthy of their vote, but as a savior-like strongman who can solve all our country's problems. The Republican Party doesn't even have a platform; instead, what the Divine Donald wants, the Divine Donald gets.

His trade war with China was the igniting force behind the supply-chain disruptions that fueled the tsunami of inflation suffered by all Americans, the effects of which we are still living with. His ignorance about the public-health effects of covid and inability for months to fashion a science-based solution cost countless American lives and had devastating effects on our economy. His love affair with Vladimir Putin and disdain for Ukraine and NATO surely emboldened Russia to invade Ukraine, thus costing the United States and Europe hundreds of billions of dollars for military aid and support, the loss of countless lives on both sides, as well as the physical devastation of a once beautiful and peaceful nation.

If Trump is re-elected this year, Joe Biden won't be the biggest loser. The American people will be.


Little Rock

A vindictive dictator

What will the Trump voters think about our country if Donald Trump takes control and installs himself as the vindictive dictator that he has promised to do if he is elected? In a short period of time, they won't recognize the United States and they won't like what they see.

Our democracy will be gone, there will be no way to get it back, and they will say, "Oh my God, what have we done?!"


Little Rock

Just stop pretending

While a bit verbose, I find Rex Nelson's columns and articles about Arkansas towns, history, local restaurants, etc., to be very interesting. I'll admit that I'm usually unable to finish them. However, as far as I'm concerned, he needs to abstain from political commentary under the guise of being a Republican.

My father once told me that he didn't leave the Democrat Party, the party left him. I think this applies to Rex. The Republican Party has left Rex. A common belief among some of the current Republicans is that there are many Republicans in Washington who are actually Democrats, but there are no Democrats who are actually Republicans. I suspect Rex fits the first part of this belief.

I don't resent his commentary about Gov. Sarah Sanders, former President Donald Trump or any other Republican. But I do resent his negative comments while giving the impression he's writing from a Republican perspective. Rex, you're now a Democrat. It's time to quit pretending.


Little Rock

Make it easier for all

In one of his movies, W.C. Fields goes into a store to buy a bottle of booze. The clerk explains to Fields that it's Sunday and there is a law that prohibits the sale of alcohol on Sundays.

"Who made such a law?" Fields asks.

"Why, the people did." The clerk responds.

"The people made that law? That's carrying democracy too far."

I think about Fields' observation every time Tim Griffin and the Arkansas Legislature erect another barrier to getting a referendum on the ballot. The last thing these self-serving politicos want is for the people to start making the laws that govern them.

Perhaps the individual groups who are fighting their uphill battle to make this state a better place should temporarily set their causes aside and pool their resources and energies. If they all worked together to get one referendum on the ballot intended to streamline the process of placing future referenda on the ballot, it would, in the long run, make everybody's life easier.


Hot Springs

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