In wrong direction

The writer in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette of Jan. 28, "Missing our former governor," likely never even supported him for office and did not say clearly what was so wonderful about Arkansas' ex-governor. She did seem to indicate why she did not vote for him, although she extolled him in his winning a paltry 0.02 percent support in Iowa for president.

I believe Arkansas legislators astutely saw that the ex-governor, while in office, was attempting to lead in the wrong direction. They stopped him. As far as Beth Moore, poof, she is long gone off the rails as an unwelcome seminar speaker because of many unbiblical teachings, one of which was the Social Gospel. Did the writer ever attend a Moore seminar?

After formerly supporting Hutchinson, I watched and protested as Arkansas' ex-gov left Arkansas' values behind, such as helping kill legislation to keep men out of girls' bathrooms, as my wife encountered twice in Hot Springs. As far as Gov. Sarah Sanders, she pushed the LEARNS Act in an attempt to raise poorer families' children out of failed school systems. Give it a chance. Watching our schools deliver devastatingly under-achieving students showed taxpayers that more and more money thrown by Democrats at failing school systems had repeatedly failed our students. Retaining the old school system is nonsense. No caring person should continue supporting year-after-year a proven failed system.


Hot Springs Village

Two new candidates

The Donald Trump problem is political. It seems to me the 14th Amendment to the Constitution clearly says that Trump cannot ever "hold office" again because he participated in the insurrection of Jan. 6, along with other interferences with the peaceful transition of power. The Supreme Court has no choice but to uphold the law, support the Constitution, and rule in favor of the democratic rule of the land.

Sooo ... why is the Republican Party ready to nominate Donald Trump for president? Legally, he can be nominated. He can actually be elected. He just can't hold the office. It is an exercise in futility. The Trump issue messes with our Constitution and our democracy. Is this intentional? Why? Republicans realize that the only reason Joe Biden is running is that Trump is running.

In order to straighten all this out, the Republican Party needs to flush Trump and nominate a quality candidate. We then need to direct our focus, during this election year, on public issues and two new candidates.


Hot Springs Village

Someone else's fault

Congress is grilling social media execs while grieved parents hold up photos of their children and Mark Zuckerberg is told "you have blood on your hands."

So ... if your teen daughter sends nude photos of herself to someone she's never met, it is Meta's fault? Why not sue Apple because she used her iPhone to take the photos and sue the maker of your router for connecting to the Internet, and sue your Internet provider for transmitting them?

Of course these parents "bare" no responsibility for providing these things, and of course they feel that they share no blame for not telling her not to do it. It is always someone else's fault in their world of perpetual victimhood.



Wake up, America

How did we get here? I believe the world that we live in is a beautiful place that was created for all of us to live, raise families, and have an opportunity to be successful in life, regardless of the profession you choose.

Most people that live on the Earth have some form of religion, regardless of what you may or may not believe. When you sit in your synagogues, mosques, or congregations, do you tell yourselves you're pleasing the one you came to worship, or are you lying to yourselves? The evil that lives among us comes from us.

Why does Donald Trump become a sympathizer with a murderous dictator like Vladimir Putin? Maybe it's because he owes an enemy of the United States money. Even our governor goes along with a 13 percent, plus tax for the poor and 5.8 percent for the wealthy. Building more jails instead of putting in place a mandatory requirement to complete some form of rehabilitation while incarcerated.

Mr. Trump is running for an office he attempted to overthrow while serving in that same position, and then refers to his followers who overran Congress as good people. Sarah Huckabee Sanders said he was her mentor. Who are these so-called evangelicals and what does that mean? Does it mean drink the Kool-Aid and do as I command?

All of this is very personal to me; I served honorably in Vietnam as a combat Marine. I was wounded and received the Military Order of the Purple Heart. I was notified by Washington a few years ago of my personal information being stolen out of the regional office in North Little Rock. Later that year I read an article by Business Insider that reported associates of Trump were selling veterans' data for a profit. Trump, the one who referred to men and women who served, and some died, as losers and suckers. Wake up, America, before it's too late.

God help us all.



On the 'anointed one'

We now have a group of MAGA evangelicals claiming that Trump is "the anointed one." Imagine the look on their faces when he responds to their question of what his guiding passage of scripture is and he replies, "Twinkle, twinkle, little star ..."



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