Shine light on system

Re Robert Steinbuch's opinion piece on Central Arkansas Water: He should do an exposé on Helena-West Helena's water system. Forty percent of its population can't get a drink from their taps. I'm curious how much their upper echelon is paid relative to the employees who get their hands dirty working. Shine some light down there, professor!



Banking procedures

Regarding the letter of Charleen Akins from Maumelle and her frustrations with the banking procedures, I can provide an explanation.

All banks must pay a fee for coin and currency distributed by the Federal Reserve, who pays fees to the United States Mint and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Banks with whom you don't do business have no revenue to offset the expense of the product or services you expected them to provide.

If you used a non-affiliated-bank ATM, which your letter states you did, you should have been charged a fee or surcharge for using the equipment and product of a company with whom you do not do business. If you were not charged a fee for the use of their ATM, then you got something free. You went on to ask for more free products and services with no expectation of paying for them. Would you walk into a nail salon and ask to use their equipment and chairs to give yourself a manicure? Would you walk into a cobbler shop and expect them to shine your shoes for free simply because they have a lot of polish in stock? Why do you expect banks with whom you do not deposit your monies to give you free products and services? Banks are not charitable organizations. They provide a tremendous amount of services for extremely low profit margins.



Robert J. Glidewell was an instructor for the American Institute of Banking from 1986 to 2001, and has been an adjunct instructor of banking courses at Hendrix College since 2002.

Filled with concrete

I've lived in Fayetteville my whole life. I enjoy the outdoors, but driving around our area, all I see anymore is field after field being destroyed. Every open space is being filled with concrete and structures. Oh, sure, we have nature areas crammed in. These areas are just filled with so many people that trash what was nice.

It's a true shame to see this area being degraded at such a fast pace. With so many new people coming to our area, it's just looking like all the other cities with more crime and bad things. Say goodbye to what was a special place, and just fill it up with concrete.



Stop before too late

Following the 2020 election, the sitting president schemed and lied in an effort to overturn results. He pressured officials in state and federal offices to change election results. He brought meritless election fraud cases that were thrown out of court. When that didn't work, Donald Trump incited citizens to storm Congress to stop election certification.

We watched in anguish while the Capitol was breached, police officers attacked, and the vice president threatened with death. Trump did nothing. When the attack finally ended, Congress certified the election of Joe Biden. Most Republicans did not go along with the Big Lie. Sadly, 147 members objected to certifying the election. Had they bought into the con or were they complicit? Over 1,200 participants in the attempted insurrection have been prosecuted. Many received prison sentences. Trump has been indicted on dozens of counts related to insurrection and violating his oath of office. Unfortunately, the wheels of justice turn slowly.

As we wait for the former president to be prosecuted, he continues to foment more lies and spout vengeance. He remains defiant and determined to run out the clock. Despite all this, horrifyingly, he is leading in the Republican primary. Apparently, the adage is true: If you tell a lie often and loud enough, people start believing it. Frighteningly, many Republican members of Congress are jumping on board the Trump train. Are they more worried about being primaried than truth?

Sensible Republicans must act now to stop this nightmare. Invoke the 14th Amendment. Pass legislation to prevent Trump from running. As a baby boomer, I have lived through many upheavals in the state of our democracy. Never have I been this concerned. Our democracy is in crisis. Congress must act with all due speed. Invoke the 14th Amendment. Stop Trump before it's too late!


North Little Rock

Who is the coward?

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) said: "The only answer to these attacks must be devastating military retaliation against Iran's terrorist forces, both in Iran and across the Middle East. Anything less will confirm Joe Biden as a coward unworthy of being commander-in-chief."

Tom says this while supporting five-time draft-dodger and unworthy coward Donald Trump. Tom, try thinking before you speak next time. There has never been a Trump in military uniform. Not many senators' sons either, I suspect.



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