Insensitivity disgusts

I am extremely disappointed that the editors allowed JR Cromwell's commentary of complete falsified information, hatred, racism, Islamophobia, and insensitivity to be associated with the name of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. It is quite clear which "side" is on the offensive and it is apparent that Cromwell is admittedly very aware of the actions committed against Palestinians, and is condoning and encouraging these heinous atrocities.

As a person of Jewish descent, it was never, ever about Jews versus Muslims. It was never Israel versus Hamas. It was always about ethnic cleansing, and our community is appalled at Cromwell's inflammatory hate speech and your disgusting insensitivity to publish something you know will incite baseless hatred.



Unhinged paragraphs

I read with increasing disappointment, from paragraph to paragraph, the "letter" submitted to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (JR Cromwell of White Hall, "Peace isn't the point"). I have to say, I was not surprised because this line of polemic vitriol against the Palestinians resurfaces from time to time in the concerted and ongoing dehumanization of the Palestinians, but I was disappointed that it was regurgitated unchanged by the editors without editorial oversight, comment or background to explain the paper's own position or any effort to distance itself from this extremist radical submission. At best this "letter" is a poorly written bilious diatribe of resentment and stereotyping, but at worst and more accurately, it is an invitation to violence and genocide casually mentioning the extermination of the Palestinians.

I do not want to ask where the editors stand on the extermination of an entire group of people. I would hope they would be against it, but do we think publishing this deranged tirade served any purpose? What purpose did this serve except to further dehumanize a people continuously besieged, occupied and persecuted since the end of the second world war? I invite the editors to meet with Arkansans from the Palestinian diaspora and to talk and listen to the stories they have to tell. I guarantee it would be better reading than this unhinged string of four paragraphs published on Friday.


Little Rock

His disgraceful words

Re "Peace isn't the point": JR Cromwell should be ashamed of himself. It is disheartening to encounter language that advocates violence and the loss of human life, as it goes against the principles of empathy, compassion, and basic human decency.

Statements suggesting the use of military force, such as sending B-52s to carpet-bomb Gaza, are not only morally objectionable but also run counter to the principles of human rights and international law. Advocating for the extermination of any group of people is an extreme and unjust stance that undermines the pursuit of lasting peace.

Is he sick in the mind?

Cromwell must write a public apology to the Islamic community regarding his disgraceful words.



Should be ashamed

Re "Peace isn't the point" by JR Cromwell: This genocidal take makes me regret ever reading anything published by your paper. It is inflammatory beyond belief. How dare you publish an explicit call to exterminate an entire group of people, 50 percent of whom are children. This letter is something a colonist would write about Native Americans back when we were slaughtering them for their land, just like Israeli settlers are slaughtering innocent natives for their land. I hope you are all ashamed of yourselves.



Contingent on justice

I don't understand why the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette would publish a letter of hate speech and fearmongering (on Feb. 2, "Peace isn't the point"). Instead of promoting peace and understanding, the letter is accusing a universal religion (2 billion Muslims) with stereotypical clichés in this critical time. The world is on the edge of world war and such inflammatory voices are pushing us over.

Such propaganda is also very disturbing to peaceful and successful American Muslims (like thousands of American Muslim doctors who save the lives of millions of American patients every year). It is a call to destroy our American social fabric from within and to demolish our values of tolerance, freedom of religion, and equality, and the Democrat-Gazette is giving a platform for it.

Further, the call to "send the B-52s [to] carpet-bomb Gaza from one end to the other" is disgusting. This is an open call for genocide. Is there really an editor who read it before publishing? Is there any rule about blatant racism and hate speech?

I'm not sure if the writer of these hateful words ever visited any of the Arkansan mosques (or read or listened to authentic materials) to learn a bit about Islam or about prophet Muhammad and his mercy and compassion. Much ignorance, misconceptions, and negative propaganda about Islam (or any other religion, group, or race) can be removed by education, and this is a call to honest readers to learn more about Islam from authentic sources.

Several of the United Nations' resolutions concerning occupied Palestine were violated and neglected by the occupier. Simple and objective research will reveal the truth that some try to cover and/or manipulate.

Peace is contingent on justice. Let us all work for that.



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