More to worry about

I feel a moral obligation to respond to Mr. JR Cromwell's hateful screed titled "Peace isn't the point."

I will not address his notion that to end the war we should "send the B-52s and carpet-bomb Gaza from one end to the other," because "all the whining about innocent civilians is stupid." If Mr. Cromwell thinks he is a Christian, maybe he can discuss that with his pastor.

It is his viciousness about Islam and Muslims that requires this letter. He writes that Islam was "spread at the point of a sword from day one and that continues to this day."

I have friends who are Muslim Americans. They devoutly believe in doing no harm to others. This is part of what they believe Islam requires of them.

My friends are just folks like the rest of us, working, raising families, doing the best they can. Unlike the rest of us, they are having to worry about personal safety right now because of vicious bigots. I fear that Mr. Cromwell has given them more to worry about.

He also has illustrated the very kind of unthinking hatred that has led to the ghastliness now occurring in the Middle East. To me it seems there are Cromwells at work on every side over there.


Little Rock

Should issue apology

Re JR Cromwell's "Peace isn't the point": I am extremely shocked and disappointed that this paper would print something like this letter. It is openly racist and Islamophobic at a time when anti-Arab and anti-Muslim violence is surging. This letter calls for violence and a continuation of the genocide happening in Gaza. Not only that, it is wildly misinformed.

I think it was highly irresponsible to publish this letter and I would like an apology issued. This type of hateful, racist rhetoric should have no place in Arkansas.



Daily disappointment

Re Tim Irby's letter: Rex Nelson's overbearing presence is also felt in the Voices page. It seems before Rex Nelson was handed the keys, the Voices page was even-keeled and insightful. What used to be my daily pleasure has now turned into my daily disappointment.



Responsible for hate

You choosing to post a vile, racist opinion piece in your newspaper is shameful. For you to allow someone's misguided opinions to potentially sway other people's judgments about Palestinians and who they are as people could be directly responsible for hate crimes. Shame on you.



It quacks like a duck

Call it what you want, but we are at war!


Little Rock

Democrat show trials

I never thought I would see the day when a political party in the United States would engage in "show trials." Such a trial, as you may know, is an attempt to use the legal system and courts for purely political purpose. It was a favorite tool of the communists Lenin and Stalin. More recently Fidel Castro used this same ploy after his "revolution."

I began to suspect that the Democrats might lower themselves to this degrading tactic when the word "insurrection" began to be thrown about. A true insurrection is perpetuated by a very large number of armed citizens in revolt against a government, using violence, with the purpose of a complete overthrow of authority. Think of the American "insurrection" against Great Britain, or the poor of France overthrowing the ruling monarchy in France. It is not a protest with a few who get out of hand.

As a conservative political independent, I view Donald Trump with somewhat mixed emotions. No doubt his sometimes crude Yankee manners could use some tempered modesty and humility. But I don't believe I have ever seen a politician so mercilessly hounded by government police powers as was and is Mr. Trump. It has been the stuff of banana republics and dictatorial zealots.

To my knowledge Mr. Trump has never uttered words calling for the violent overthrow of our government (despite some leftist media cherry-picking his statements) even though he and many of his supporters genuinely questioned the validity of the last election. To misuse the policing and legal system to try and hamstring a sitting president or prevent his return to office (even "The Donald") is a truly scurrilous tactic used by completely unethical fanatics that deserves universal condemnation, and this truth applies both to Democrats and Republicans.


Hot Springs