10 Novelty Props for Super Bowl LVIII

Super Bowl LVIII kicks off on Sunday, and whether you are watching a football game or just the commercials, there are plenty of ways to get in on the action.

That's right. If you know fashion, music, or just love Uber Eats, there's probably a way to turn it into some cold, hard cash -- or at least have some fun trying.

I've found 10 fun novelty props that anyone can bet on this Sunday. These 10 are only a sample of what's out there, so be sure to look around. And don't forget: In addition to bets on the game, halftime show and commercial breaks, you can even bet on what happens after the game. Will a player propose? Who will the MVP thank first in his speech (family pays 12-to-1!). You'll have to stay tuned to the very end.

Now, let's have some fun.

1. Coin Toss

You can bet on whether the coin lands on heads or tails or you can bet whether the Chiefs or 49ers will win the coin toss. Either way, your odds are exactly that … a coin toss. No experience necessary.

Historically, tails has a slight edge, having come up 30 times over 57 previous Super Bowls. It has also come up in seven of the last 10 Super Bowls, including the Chiefs' victory last year.

San Francisco -110
Kansas City -110

2. National Anthem Length

Andrew Nelles/USA TODAY Network

Who doesn't love a great musical performance? The National Anthem is often one of the highlights of the game. This year's performer is Reba McEntire. You can find plenty of Reba's renditions online, and they are all at a brisk tempo. The line opened at just 84.5 seconds -- which would be the fastest time in Super Bowl history -- but it has since settled at 90.5. Two years ago, Mickey Guyton's line was set at 95 seconds and there were plenty of online renditions in which she sang quickly, but she sailed way over on Super Bowl Sunday. However, in this case I am going to believe what I have seen on YouTube. McEntire's voice and style have never been prone to sostenuto (holding out long notes and slow pacing), and in contrast to Guyton, McEntire is not at the beginning of her career. She doesn't need a big production to prove anything or impress. I am betting we get a simple, clean and moving rendition from the veteran country music star. The under is juiced heavily at 90.5 right now, and if I could find it at a book for plus money under 86 seconds, I would take that bet, too.

OVER 1 Minute and 30.5 Seconds (-112)
UNDER 1 Minute And 30.5 Seconds (-120)

3. Will Any Scoring Drive Be Shorter Than the National Anthem?

This one is pretty straightforward. If it takes about 1:30 to get through the National Anthem, do you think the Niners or the Chiefs can put together a scoring drive that's quicker than that? Personally, I do. Surely we haven't already forgotten Patrick Mahomes vs. Josh Allen in the 2021 AFC divisional matchup. It took Mahomes a mere 13 seconds to drive down the field for a field goal that sent the game to overtime.

Yes -180
No +135

4. Commercial to Play First: BMW or Coors Light

I'm going with the favorite here in Coors Light. Coors will want fans to grab a cold one right away; no one is rushing out at halftime to buy a new Bimmer (and if they are, don't tell Usher).

BMW -110
Coors Light -130

5. Will A Player Record an Octopus?

This does not mean a literal octopus -- though that is probably a bet somewhere, too.

An octopus is when a player scores a touchdown and follows it up with the ensuing two-point conversion. This pays plus money for a reason. First of all, two-point conversions are attempted less than 10% of the time after a score. Second, two-point conversions are only successful about 50% of the time. Now add to that the odds of the same player scoring the TD and the conversion and, well, you can see why "NO" is -1400.

I'd probably rather bet on an actual octopus in a BMW commercial. I'll see if SI Sportsbook can get odds for that.

Yes +1200
No -1400

6. Jersey of First TD Scorer

This is a super fun one. Will the jersey number of the player who scores the first TD be over or under 22.5?

If you think Travis Kelce (87), George Kittle (85) or Christian McCaffrey (23) are going to score first, you'll want to take the over.

If you're betting on Isiah Pacheco (10), Rashee Rice (4), Deebo Samuel (19), Brandon Aiyuk (11) or either Brock Purdy (13) or Patrick Mahomes (15) to punch one in themselves, you'll want the under.

Personally, I'll take the under for the better payout.

Over 22.5 (-115)
Under 22.5 (-105)

Another option: If you're really feeling bullish about Travis Kelce, try SI Sportsbook's "Swift Start." It pays +1400 if Kelce scores a TD on the Chiefs' first offensive drive.

7. How Many Times Will Taylor Swift Be Shown on TV?

Speaking of Swift... Well, I don't have much to say here, except I don't know why the over isn't more juiced.

Over 4.5 (-175)
Under 4.5 (+130)

8. Usher's First Song at Halftime

If Usher doesn't start with YEAH!, I am going to be bummed. Here are the options:

My Way +100
OMG +145
Yeah! +430
DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love +850
Love in This Club +1200
U Got It Bad +1800
U Remind Me +1800
Burn +2100
Confessions Pt. II +2300
You Make Me Wanna ... +2300

9. Gatorade Bath

When the Chiefs won the Super Bowl last year, the Gatorade shower was purple and it paid backers 7-to-1. Orange has been used the most times (five) while green has not hit since 2001.

Purple +225
Yellow/Green +300
Orange +300
Red +350
Clear +1000
No Gatorade Bath +1600

10. Proposal Prop

All eyes will be on Travis and Taylor, but anyone could pop the question.

Yes +210
No -190

In addition to these novelty props, check out more Super Bowl LVIII-themed props at SI Sportsbook.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1989: Travis Kelce Over 89 Receiving Yards (+200)

TOO MUCH JUSZ: Kyle Juszczyk Over 0.5 Rushing Attempts & Kyle Juszczyk Over 1 Reception (+450)

SHAKE IT OFF: San Francisco 49ers to Win First Half & Kansas City Chiefs to Win the Game (+700)

THE PHILLY SPECIAL: Either Quarterback to Have A Receiving Touchdown (+5000)

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