Your readership base

It has become increasingly apparent to me that this newspaper has sadly turned toward a more liberal vent than in the previous 50-plus years of my adult readership. I am disappointed to see that the apparent majority of your editorial content is aimed at criticism of our governor who was elected by a substantial margin. She seems to be the overwhelming choice of the citizenry. Virtually all the editorial cartoons are directed at Donald Trump in a most caustic and demeaning manner, as is the content of the published columnists that the paper obviously supports. Trump won the state by a landslide, and certainly will again. Those supporters of Sanders and Trump are the base of your readership. Losing subscribers? Hmmm.


North Little Rock

Motivating violence

Democrat-Gazette editorial writers repeat, "Sunshine is a great disinfectant," defending a decision to publish a despicable letter to the editor by JR Cromwell. Cromwell, though, is not an officeholder or candidate whose views must be known to be defeated. Instead, Cromwell's despicable words could motivate violence against Arkansas Muslims.

Like Judaism, Christianity, and every other religion, Islam is subject to perversion by extremists. Cromwell's claim that "Islam is not a religion of peace" is as false as it is dangerous. Sacred texts of Judaism and Christianity, like those of Islam, include warmongering passages. All good people of faith must struggle against the violent and hateful strands of their own traditions.

Israel must defeat the genocidal Hamas regime in Gaza and secure the release of hostages abducted on Oct. 7. Neither mass extermination nor ethnic cleansing is Israel's aim, as such actions would further endanger the Jewish State. Even as it fights Hamas, Israel must cooperate with the Palestinian Authority and the international community to vouchsafe a better future for the Palestinian people. Only then will Israelis and Palestinians be able to live side-by-side in peace.

In any event, the Democrat-Gazette must refrain from publishing any letter to the editor that would incite violence.


Little Rock

Rabbi Barry H. Block leads Congregation B'nai Israel.

People's sovereignty

I read where Donald Trump thinks that a president must have "full immunity in order to properly function and do what has to be done for the good of our country." Richard Nixon thought the same thing. But Nixon learned that a president who violates the law is not above the law, which is why he resigned from office before he was removed through impeachment. Nixon also learned his presidential immunity ended when he left office, which is why Gerald Ford had to give him a full pardon so he wouldn't be prosecuted.

I believe the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law is what is "good for our country," and prosecuting Trump for violating the law and the Constitution is "what has to be done." Nobody is above the law. The people, and the rule of law, are what make this country great, not a president. The D.C. Court of Appeals made this point clearly, and succinctly, during Watergate when it said "Sovereignty remains at all times with the people. They do not forfeit through elections the right to have the law construed against and applied to every citizen."



Dangerous rhetoric

I read a very disturbing letter labeled "Peace isn't the point" by JR Cromwell and am shocked by the complete lack of empathy/compassion for the Palestinians. To say an entire race needs to be exterminated is Islamophobic and extremely dangerous rhetoric. People in the Muslim community are already targets across this country, and by spreading more misinformation/propaganda, you're only putting a bigger target on their backs. To have this type of hate being spread is disgusting.



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