Not in best interests

None of Arkansas' congressional representatives nor senators have a conscience that I can detect. Would anyone with a moral compass vote the way they did this week?

Rather than take a stance and make the correct moral choice, they chose to abide by Donald Trump's dictates. Dictates which, I believe, are not in the best interest of Arkansawyers.

Heaven help us and deliver us from these representatives on their next election cycle.


Mountain Home

Inappropriate content

On Feb. 2 the Democrat-Gazette presented an article on the front of the Arkansas section titled "Victims put at risk at church, suit claims," by reporter Frank Lockwood. The matter addressed in the article appeared newsworthy. Thank you for addressing this matter.

In my opinion, the content of the article contains words and describes actions which are inappropriate for children and adolescents to read, and is possibly offensive even to older readers. The use of sexually explicit wording and the description of the use of a synthetic female reproductive organ provides all readers, but particularly young readers, with more information, in my opinion, than is necessary to understand the matter covered. My teenage granddaughter's school class is regularly given assignments to read the newspaper and write papers relative to what they read. I hope she did not read this article.

On the Voices page, the Democrat-Gazette refers to itself daily as a "family newspaper." I ask the leadership of the Democrat-Gazette to review the standards used to qualify calling your entity a family newspaper. It is my hope that such a review might highlight the matters of concern I have expressed above and evaluate whether such reporting is consistent with news that is fit to print for all readers.


North Little Rock

Like a mafia drama

I have been following the saga occurring at Immanuel Baptist with much interest. Thank you to the ADG for keeping the public informed. Steven Smith's actions served to maintain his image and prestige over the safety of his congregation. His defiance, shifting of the narrative from "I" to "we," and acting with impunity under the guise of God's counsel is appalling.

With Mr. Greg Crain vigorously defending Smith's right to leadership despite Smith's inexcusable offenses, the deacon meetings unfold like a mafia drama: secrecy, pledging allegiance to the leader, closing ranks, quashing dissent/disloyalty. Should Smith wear a ring the deacons must kiss?

It appears he will not step down and this is the consequence members face because they allowed an autocracy of sorts to develop. The moral action for Smith to take is to step down, but I bet Teflon Steve will wage a battle of time and attrition.



The power of Swifties

Stand by, a potential conflict may be brewing in the Democrat Party. Swirling around are whispers and rumors that a deity may be eased in to replace the aging and doddering old fool Joe Biden. Who? None other than Michelle Obama.

But the fly in the ointment is the possible endorsement of Biden by Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl. The DNC better get hold of her before the game. You wouldn't want thousands of Swifties clamoring for old Joe and then Her Highness moving in after they push him out. But thousands of the Swifties are too young to vote, so we'll just wait and see what happens. Stand by!



Not what we stand for

On behalf of the Muslims in my region, I would like to address a concerning letter published in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that displays hate speech and incites unnecessary fear. This was published on Feb. 2 by JR Cromwell of White Hall. Instead of promoting peace and understanding, the letter is accusing a religion followed by 2 billion people of stereotypical clichés in this critical time. Hateful speech like this is what caused Joseph Czuba to brutally stab to death Wadea Al Fayoume, a 6-year-old Palestinian boy, in his Illinois home in October. Muslims of Arkansas deserve to live without this type of fear, and this letter is doing the opposite.

Further, the call to "send the B-52s and carpet-bomb Gaza from one end to the other" is disgusting. This is an open call for genocide. Is there an editor who actually read this letter before publishing it? Is there any rule about blatant racism and hate speech? Will this issue be corrected in any way, shape or form?

Anyone who has ever visited a mosque in Arkansas or just read or just did a simple Google search will find it easy to understand the many misconceptions, and negative propaganda being portrayed about Islam. This can simply be removed by education, and this is a call to honest readers to learn more about Islam from authentic sources. Any mosque in Arkansas will welcome any visitor with open arms for them to ask any questions.

I'd like to further add that Muslims in Arkansas are your children's teachers, physicians, and dentists, we are lawyers, business owners, blue-collar workers, and law-abiding citizens. I believe that the letter that was published does not represent what Arkansans stand for. We are a state that believes in justice, understanding, peace, and love.


Fort Smith

Hosam Hadid is president of Masjid Annoor, which serves the Muslim community of Sebastian County and beyond.

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