The real Republican

I read with interest Tim Irby's assessment of Rex Nelson's affiliation with the Republican Party. He said Rex wasn't really a Republican; he was a Democrat pretending to be a Republican.

You see, Tim, Rex is a real Republican. You know, those guys that have integrity, believe in fiscal responsibility and tend to take to a higher moral ground. They're not much for name-calling, insulting veterans or showboating. They embrace the Constitution and believe in compromise for the benefit of the common good and not constant bipartisan time-wasting. They are afflicted with telling the truth, like John McCain, Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney. And your party doesn't like those guys! Their values were reflected in men like Lincoln, Reagan, Eisenhower and Coolidge.

Your party, however, embraces a guy with zero integrity, no sense of morality and who is interested only in his personal fiscal advancement. Your party will reject an attempt to improve the mess at the border by bowing out of legislation for political advantage. Your party attacks a pop star, a tight end and a football league because part of your contingent believes in ridiculous conspiracy theories.

I believe you are really not a Republican, Tim. Your party starts with a "T." Ol' Rex Nelson is a real Republican.



Party system broken

Note to Tim Irby: You're darn right the Republican Party has left Rex Nelson. I'm sure it has left most sane-thinking former Republicans who feel the same way. I think Rex postures from the Republican standpoint out of something akin to grief at what's happened to his old party and the folks still clinging to the belief that it even remotely resembles the party of its once hero, Ronald Reagan, who would no doubt be equally appalled and saddened at the turn it's taken at the behest of its savior Donald Trump.

You are right that Rex ought to retire from his party, but like me, he probably can't quite reconcile himself to calling himself a Democrat. That's why he should embrace a non-aligned or independent status. Our two-party system is broken and serves only to keep the undeserving in power. It needs to change. The 270 electoral votes needed to get elected ought to be lowered to a 60 percent majority, and a real "moderate" party should be represented on every ballot everywhere.

This represents a sweeping change and needs to be hearkened from every media source at least two years before a general election to give time for real candidates to gain traction and get the publicity they deserve. Let the Republican and Democratic parties continue to kowtow to their respective extremist fringes while a moderate party for the best from both sides can emerge to get something done.


Little Rock

Missed letter's point

JR Cromwell's letter evoked many responses that I believe missed the point of the note, which was that the Palestinian people don't want peace with Israel. The responses focused on the extremely caustic and incendiary language (B-52s carpet-bombing Gaza) rather than the logical and thoughtful conclusion (how do you have peace with a violent government like Hamas?).

I believe too many Palestinian people were inculcated at a very young age to hate Jews.

The responding letters concentrated on hypothetical and rhetorical misdirection of the missive.



Bad week for MAGA

This week brought yet more losses for MAGA. First there was the MAGA leader, Donald Trump, shot down by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, which threw out his idiotic argument that former presidents should be immune from prosecution. This after his own lawyers during his impeachment trials made the argument that if he had done anything of a criminal nature during his presidency he could be prosecuted after leaving office.

On the very same day, the House of Representatives, led by MAGA Speaker Mike Johnson, failed in its lame attempt to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Johnson is so incompetent he couldn't even properly count his votes to make sure the impeachment would pass.

And how did Congressman Frenchie McTrumpster vote on the impeachment? In the affirmative, of course. I wouldn't expect him to go against MAGA on this or any other vote. I've often wondered what he does to drown his sorrows after suffering all these losses. I can't imagine the former banker going out for drinks with Lauren Boebert, James Comer, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan, or any of the other MAGA nutjobs. Maybe he should start having drinks with Ken Buck, Mike Gallagher, and Tom McClintock, the three Republicans who stood up to MAGA and voted against impeachment, thus causing its defeat. Maybe some of their political courage would rub off on him.

So the losses just keep piling up for MAGA. It's gotten so bad, if they were an English soccer club they would be in last place preparing to be relegated and their coach would be fired. But despite all these losses, Frenchie and his fellow Trumpsters will never fire their coach because they are afraid of him. What a bunch of wimps.


North Little Rock

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