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Man, 20, jailed on gun, drug charges

Man, 20, jailed on gun, drug charges

A man was arrested by the Jacksonville Police Department Saturday on a felony charge of illegal possession of guns and drugs, according to a police report.

Jaylen Dreshawn Ewing, 20, was arrested at 11:15 p.m. at 140 John Harden Drive in Jacksonville.

According to the report, an officer attempted to stop Ewing, who was traveling in a vehicle, at the intersection of West Main Street and T.P. White Drive.

The officer exited his vehicle to make contact with Ewing, but Ewing's vehicle drove off and toward the back of a building, before meeting a dead end.

The officer then saw a Black man in dreadlocks exit the vehicle from its rear passenger seat.

Officers eventually located Ewing at 140 John Harden Drive.

After Ewing was taken into custody, officers found oxycodone on his person.

While searching Ewing's vehicle, officers found two guns, a Glock 30 Gen 4 with a 26-round magazine and a Palmetto Dagger with a 30-round magazine, as well.

Ewing was also charged with a misdemeanor for fleeing.