Other Days

100 years ago

Feb. 12, 1924

PINE BLUFF -- George F. Becker ... narrowly escaped from asphyxiation Sunday while taking a bath at home ... He locked himself in the bathroom and turned on the heater, which was not equipped with a vent pipe for eliminating fumes. He remained in the bathroom so long that his wife became alarmed, and went to the door and called to him but received no reply. As the door was locked, she called on J.M. Howard, a neighbor, who, with his two sons, went to the Becker home and broke open the door. They found Becker unconscious, lying on the floor. He recovered in about an hour and was able to work today.

50 years ago

Feb. 12, 1974

The company that had bonded A. Jackson Ross, a former Pope County Treasurer who has been convicted of embezzlement, filed a suit Monday in federal District Court in Little Rock, seeking to recover $87,245 it had to pay Pope County as reimbursement for Ross's embezzlement ... The company asked the court to find four banks: Bank of Atkins, Bank of Russellville, Bank of Dover, and the People's Bank and Trust Company of Russellville liable for the loss along with Ross. Ross ... was found guilty of embezzlement August 30, and was sentenced to 21 years in the State Penitentiary. He had been charged by Prosecuting Attorney Alex Streett of Russellville with embezzling $295,040 in county funds on 98 separate charges.

25 years ago

Feb. 12, 1999

TEXARKANA -- Lafayette County Sheriff John Kilgore and Bradley banker William Lane Pierce pleaded innocent Thursday to federal charges that the two made false statements to a federal agency to obtain a $122,000 farm loan ... The indictments stem from allegations that Kilgore told the federal Farm Service Agency he would plant 199 acres of row crops and 200 acres of hay. Kilgore also told the agency he would receive a $72,000 operating loan from the Bank of Bradley if he received the $122,000 loan, according to the indictment. The indictment states that Kilgore received the loan and told the agency in July 1996 that his cropland consisted of 145 acres of grass. From there, the indictment alleges, his explanation of what happened to the money and his crops changed several times over a two-year period.

10 years ago

Feb. 12, 2014

SEARCY -- Police have arrested an Augusta man in connection with an armed robbery at First Community Bank in Searcy last week. Octavius Anthony, 40, was arrested at a Searcy residence and charged with aggravated robbery Monday night, Cpl. Steve Hernandez of the Searcy Police Department said Tuesday. According to Cpl. Hernandez, Anthony was being held in the White County jail in lieu of $150,000 bail as of Tuesday. Police said a man entered the bank at 1201 N. Maple St. on Feb. 3 and demanded money. The man was "brandishing a pistol" and fled with an undisclosed amount of cash, police said. No one was hurt during the robbery.