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Get to know: ’25 target Parker Jefferson

Class of 2025 4-star Parker Jefferson and Arkansas Coach Eric Musselman
Class of 2025 4-star Parker Jefferson and Arkansas Coach Eric Musselman

Arkansas class of 2025 4-star center target Parker Jefferson last visited the Razorbacks for the Kentucky game on Jan. 27. He perviously visited Fayetteville about year prior to his latest trip. 

Jefferson, 6-10 and 232 pounds, of Waxahachie, Texas, has scholarship offers from Arkansas, Florida, Texas Tech, Iowa, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, LSU, TCU, Arizona State, SMU and others.

His parents Mike and Carrie played football and basketball at the UA.  His father lettered as an offensive lineman for Arkansas in 1997 and his mother Carrie lettered for the Razorbacks from 1993-97.

Jefferson is the No. 13 center and No. 103 overall prospect in the nation by the industry ranking. He is also rated the No. 12 prospect in Texas in his class. 

Nickname:  Big P

Favorite thing about playing hoops: meeting new teammates and having fun while playing

Coach Eric Musselman is: very enthusiastic 

My most embarrassing basketball moment: airballing a wide open three

One rule I would like to change in basketball: add a shot clock to Texas High School basketball 

Playlist before a game: anything by Drake, Lil Yachty, Michael Jackson

My favorite TV show: Breaking Bad

Love or hate rollercoasters: love, but I don’t fit on most of them anymore

Where would you like to time travel: back to the past or to the future and why: back to the past, so I could spend more time with my grandpa before he passed

First thing I’ll buy after winning the lottery: a house for my family

My mom is always on me to: play my hardest and rebound 

Two things that really irritate me: off beat dancing and tomatoes

If you could meet a famous person, who would it be: Danny Duncan or Jynxzi

My hidden talent is: I can sing a little bit

Your favorite fast food chain and why: Whataburger, they’re just a classic in the South

People think I’m weird because I like to eat: applesauce packets 

I will never ever eat: tomatoes 

My sweet tooth carving is: gummy worms

My celebrity crush is: Mariah the Scientist

My favorite holiday and why: Christmas, it’s always a fun time and the vibes of Christmas are just different 

Nothing makes me laugh more than: my brother or sister

I miss my: Grandpa

The one foreign country I would like to visit: Spain

I’m terrified of: nothing really   

Love or hate horror movies and why: love, when you watch them at night, it’s always a good time

Cat or dog person and why: dog, they’re so much better and will be more interactive with you 

Do you think aliens exist: Yes

Best advice I’ve received: never be too high and never be too low

Role model and why: my dad, he’s always working hard and never has any excuses 

People would be surprised that I: like to listen to Michael Jackson

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