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Gitz just doesn't get it

Bradley Gitz is a bright guy who is usually pretty good on the issues, but his latest anti-Trump screed confirms that he, too, is completely clueless about the Donald Trump phenomenon. Maybe last Monday's column was written before Ron DeSantis withdrew from the presidential race, but Trump's only opposition is now Nikki Haley, née Nimarata Randhawa.

Her supporters are Reid Hoffman (who is funding E. Jean Carroll's lawsuits against Trump), and the Trump-hating Koch network, Paul Ryan and Bill Kristol. I believe her positions on illegal immigration, the George Floyd-BLM riots, Ukraine, climate change and tech censorship are indistinguishable from John Kerry's or AOC's.

Going back to Dwight Eisenhower, other than Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, it seems conservatives have had a succession of establishment (i.e., liberal) Republican candidates foisted on them: Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Bush x two, Robert Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney. Nixon created the EPA, OSHA and wage and price controls. Ford was a non-entity who was not elected to the vice presidency or presidency. The Bushes speak for themselves. McCain and Romney were Democrats whose only chance at winning elections was to run as Republicans, as do half (or more) of members of Congress.

Does Gitz not see that Trump is a middle-finger reaction to these milquetoast candidates, especially the latter two? Unless and until he does, he can't and won't scratch the surface of the issue.


Little Rock

Simply an apologist

Bradley Gitz's comments last Monday have exposed him as just another apologist mouthpiece for the extremists in the Republican Party.

To deny the fact that Donald J. Trump tried to halt our democratic process on Jan. 6, 2021, is blatantly inaccurate and frankly not a defensible opinion. What other result could possibly have been his goal? None; retain the presidency, above all else, including above the rule of constitutional law. Which, by the way, he had sworn to protect.

For Gitz to say the Democrats have worn the attempted coup out as an issue is a clear reflection of Gitz's lack of awareness or party loyalist denial on what was really at risk on Jan. 6, 2021. You cannot wear out reminding people that only one presidential candidate has previously tried to overrule the electoral process, and that is D.J. Trump. I personally value our democracy and feel an insurrectionist has no place on any ballot for any office in any state ... and likely he should be sent to Leavenworth!



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