We're in this together

This is a reply to those who call the other side stupid, vermin, or whatever: We can't have it both ways. If we endorse freedom of choice--which the Bible and Constitution obviously do--we are authorizing others to make choices we don't agree with. We're also authorizing Charles Darwin to sort some things out and we're acknowledging that we will pay for each other's sins. We're all in this together and, after all, our maker paid for ours.

Please consider this message for high school students from Al Bromberg, the son of two Holocaust survivors: "Be who you truly are here because Americans really are wonderful people. Believe in yourselves, your teachers, and your country. The great thing about this country is that--we make mistakes, we don't always do the right thing at the right time--but I will tell you this: We have that rare ability to look back and say, 'This is wrong,' and correct it."



End times are coming

It really gets my goat when people think former President Donald J. Trump can do no wrong. Yet they were quick to crucify Bill Clinton.

Trump has 91 felony charges against him. How can you want this man to be your president after all these allegations have come out on him? Putting Trump back in office is like putting Satan himself in there. Also the beast and false prophet. We haven't gotten to that, but it's coming.

The Rapture is around the corner. I hope I am out of here and gone by the time of the beast and false prophet. Not to mention Trump.


El Dorado

He's not the boss of us

We might as well make Donald the "King" that he wants to be, as he seems to be pushing the whole Republican Congress around from afar. Being, in his mind, the "first citizen," he dictates his choices, wants, and demands to the standing Congress as a king would to his serfs.

For just once our "leaders" in both the House and the Senate need to stand up and make decisions that are based on the good of all us citizens and not listen to Trump and his diabolical ravings. Work the border solution, Ukraine, Israel-Palestine, U.S. debt crisis--and I mean crisis--and all our other multitude of problems out on our own without influence from lobbyists and ex-presidents!


Hot Springs

Resolve and integrity

Gentlemen of the Arkansas congressional delegation (John Boozman, Tom Cotton, Rick Crawford, French Hill, Bruce Westerman, Steve Womack): In case you missed it, an 80-year-old woman whom Trump had defamed just won an $83 million judgment against him by persistently standing up to his lying and bullying.

Do you have any idea of how this will make you look if you submit to his orders to block urgently needed bipartisan legislation that would secure our southern border and aid Ukraine in its fight against Vladimir Putin's Soviet-style invasion? Allow me to enlighten you. You will look like groveling, sniveling, spineless cowards who are willing to sacrifice the national interest for the petty self-interest of a deranged and power-hungry rabble-rouser who will throw you under the bus when he's done with you anyway.

Don't dishonor yourselves or the offices to which you have been elected. Show that you can match an 80-year-old woman's resolve and integrity. Pass the border bill.



Patchy pothole repair

When is the street department of Little Rock going to learn that using asphalt cold mix to repair potholes when it is raining is a waste of taxpayer money? The repairs last about as long as it takes for tire traffic to dislodge the patch, sometimes within hours.


Little Rock

Blaming Democrats

So I read that all Arkansas senators, congressmen and the governor support Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's position on refusing to obey the Supreme Court's decision to remove razor wire and let the Border Patrol take control. They all blame the Biden administration for the problem, but at the same time a bipartisan committee in the Senate is trying to pass a bill to protect the border. Donald Trump doesn't want them to pass it because it would give Biden a win prior to the election.

Now isn't that just great. Blame the other party and then do nothing to help, or pass an bipartisan agreement to help and then on top of that post an article in the paper with no mention of the agreement but blaming Democrats. On top of that, letting Trump run the party from Florida is wrong. Par for the course for this present day.



Only he can do this

In 2016, Donald Trump campaigned on the slogan, "I alone can fix it." Now, as he works to block any agreement on border control before he gets into office, his slogan seems to be, "I alone can be allowed to fix it."



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