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Churches must examine Trump support

From one Bible-believing Jesus follower to the rest: What happened and how did we get here? When politics and religion start cohabitating, both systems begin to self-destruct.

The hijacking of the Christian faith for political wins began in 1979 with the Moral Majority movement. The leader of that movement, Jerry Falwell Sr., convinced us that the only moral people in the U.S. were Christian. It gained its full impact in 2015 when Donald Trump came down that golden escalator and assured us that he alone could fix all the social ills in our country and the MAGA (née Republican) Party claimed the hearts of self-described evangelicals.

He gained the assistance of an assortment of heavy-hitting "Christian" leaders from around the country. They were an advisory board to help this newly minted "believer" to do the right thing. A religious cabinet, if you will. Ronnie Floyd was Arkansas' contribution to the group.

So Donald Trump became the poster child for Christianity. He wore that label when beneficial. He waved a Bible when it seemed expedient. He tells us all the time that it is his favorite book. Wow. Why would these church leaders and members choose this four-times indicted candidate (91 criminal counts) over any of several other conservative Republicans offering themselves up for election?

In my opinion, it's because they hate the same people groups that he hates. They hate nonbelievers, the homeless, homosexuals, transgendered, abortion-seekers, and brown-skinned immigrants (brown-skinned in general). There's more to it, though. They love the same things he loves. Power, influence, those with money to grift, the socially prominent, and strongman dictators.

Mostly they just love Donald Trump. After all, he did say that he loves the uneducated.

Can anybody defend the facts that he is a mean-spirited, hatred-spewing Vladimir Putin wannabe who once said that he is so high in the polls that we should cancel the election and declare him the winner? The man who said he could murder someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose one supporter?

By the way, that says a whole lot more about his supporters than it does about him. They have the audacity to compare him favorably to King David of the Old Testament. All church leaders may not endorse him from the pulpit but certainly don't call out the sin from the pulpit. Is that because doing so will stampede the MAGA out of their churches along with their money? The church has lost its way. Church, we must examine ourselves. What is wrong with us?

Sara Langston lives in North Little Rock.

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