Headline misleading

"Trump warns of a 'bloodbath'" if he doesn't win the election. That was the headline Monday morning in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and is completely wrong and misleading. It is completely out of context and this is why the informed voters don't trust the media these days.

Donald Trump was referring to China trying to take over the worldwide EV car market, and if he lost the election in November the United States car manufacturers would be destroyed and that would cause a bloodbath to the industry.

The Democrats have already pounced on the statement and I am disappointed that our statewide newspaper has joined them. I know the paper will not correct this or issue a correction but I and your readers expect better from this newspaper that we rely on daily for news!



Personal and private

Responding to guest-column writer Dr. Fred de Miranda and the headline "Legalized killing," he asks, "What do supporters of the proposed abortion amendment to our Arkansas Constitution think they can accomplish?"

I'll be brief:

My preferred term is "abortion care." My preferred right is to make a very personal and private decision.

My response to consideration of signing the petition is yes, sign, and let the voters of Arkansas exercise their right to vote.

My personal experience has not resulted in lifelong physical/emotional scars, nor have I dealt with psychological distress or with traumatic grief, spiritual pain, or family dysfunction. No grief, anger, or guilt.

A fetus does not grow in an "uncomfortable tummy." It does reside in the uterus of a pregnant person.

Would I vote for it? Overwhelmingly yes, I will vote for it so that Arkansas pregnant people may regain the right to legal, safe, and nonjudgmental abortion care.

Did I deserve pursuit of happiness? Yes, and I have achieved this through a college education, a bachelor's degree, master's degree, 35-year career, 45-year marriage to one husband, and the easy birth of one child who is now 40 years old and experiencing his own professional career.

My conscience is clear.



Show our disapproval

Behind the scenes, Gov. Sarah Sanders' cohorts formed a group to oppose ballot issues that many Arkansawyers support. Because their henchman was once a staff member of Governor Sanders, I believe she shares the shame that follows supporting their goals.

Let's show Governor Sanders our disapproval by signing all petitions necessary to get these issues on the ballot. And then let's all vote yes.

By golly, we'll show her that Arkansasawyers cannot be taken for granted.


Mountain Home

Money from thin air

Bill Pollen of Mena is correct. If the casinos win $687 million, where does that money come from? It is like the stock market; if you have a gain, someone has a loss. The win or gain does not appear out of thin air.


Pine Bluff

Trump unfit for office

I used to think that the Trump diehards were simply naïve or misled. Not anymore.

Prior letters to the editor have stated that four years ago the economy was great under the Trump term. Actually, four years ago the U.S. was beginning a covid recession that radically changed the U.S., economically and medically. Donald Trump stated in January 2020 that covid was "totally under control." In March he stated the risk to people in the U.S. was "very, very low" and later recommended other therapies that had no efficacy or means of treating patients (systemic disinfectants, UV irradiation, anti-parasitic drugs). In the economy comparison, Joe Biden currently beats Trump on job gains, a lower unemployment rate, the GDP, and in stock prices. The effects of Trump's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that benefits high-income earners/corporations (permanent for them) will disappear for most Americans and small businesses by 2026.

There are so many of Trump's policies and actions that make him unfit for office, like his recent interference in a border bill stonewalling our Congress. His ties to Russia and autocrats are undeniable. Hungary's Viktor Orbán (friend and supporter of Vladimir Putin) visited Mar-a-Lago this month, coincidentally the place where Trump kept classified documents illegally. Makes me wonder if Orbán's luggage was checked for copies or disc drives of these classified documents.

My last "policy" disagreement was Trump's three hours and seven minutes of inaction on Jan 6, 2021. Our Capitol sustained $1.5 million in direct damage with a total cost of near $30 million. He also states he will pardon the insurrectionists. The U.S. Capitol is owned by all U.S. citizens. Imagine if your house was being stormed and damaged with your family at home. You notify the police. The police captain sits at a TV watching this all go down for 187 minutes, knowing he could stop it at any time. He does nothing during this time.

Trump abdicated his presidency then and will always be unfit for office.



Don't have to read it

I continue to be amused at letter-writers who have problems with Robert Steinbuch and Bradley Gitz. Not only do these folks disagree constantly with what these two write, these folks insist, almost demand, that the Democrat-Gazette actually drop these writers and not carry them anymore.

Me, I can't stand John Brummett, yet I would never demand the paper stop carrying his columns. I simply choose not to read him. Brummett is constantly negative, has no respect for any opinion other than his own, yet I simply pass him over and move on to the comics. The same can be done for those who disapprove of Gitz and Steinbuch--just move along. Just my opinion.



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