Maintain blessings

God blessed America and many other countries. But that blessing should be maintained and increased by having faith, establishing justice, and preventing transgression. We must not use our blessings to support injustice and oppression.

The hunger, atrocities, and collective punishment against vulnerable innocent children in Gaza must stop. Children are not political. They never voted for anyone, nor did they choose who would rule them. Babies and children everywhere on this Earth are innocent and should not suffer the consequences of what adults do. Would you like our children to suffer our sins? God does not like oppression, especially against the weak. He is the most compassionate.

God can withhold his blessings (like rain, health, wealth) from individuals and nations, temporarily or permanently, if they oppose his will. If someone wants the abundant blessings of God to last, he should do what our Lord wants: to refrain from evil and to do good, like ending the suffering of innocent babies (thousands already dead in Gaza and hundreds of thousands are starving).

Innocent Gazan children are dying of hunger and bombardment while we watch. Are they not innocent like our children? I fear God's wrath for our modern world. We failed to stop this horrific suffering and unbearable condition. God the Almighty is very powerful. He could punish us in any way he wants.

Everyone has a responsibility to stop the war. Use your voice, wealth, and vote to please God and protect yourself from his anger. The world's unpleasant condition is a result of our apathy and injustice. God loves those who are kind to his creatures.

We seek your mercy and guidance. Guide us to what's right and increase your blessings on us.

In God we trust.



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