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  • COLUMNIST: That commercial

    Even if you did not watch the Super Bowl, you have probably seen or heard about one of the evening's more controversial ads.

  • OPINION | RODNEY HARRIS: State of crisis

    The Arkansas state motto, "Regnat Populus," translates to "The People Rule." We are about to find out if this motto has meaning.

  • Subscriber Exclusive

    Hearing aids for dummies

    A couple of Saturday mornings ago, after I got home from running some errands, Karen asked me if I'd heard Scott Simon's essay on NPR that morning.

  • Has childhood disappeared?

    Given the concerns about kids and social media these days, one has to wonder if the notion of childhood itself has finally been pushed to the brink of extincti…

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    The importance of knowing what matters

    "Do you want a portrait of the New Southerner? He is Billy Graham on Sunday and Richard Nixon the rest of the week." --Walker Percy

  • How and why we ‘couple’ in 2024

    Thirty-six years ago, when I married, I did my makeup and hair. Our chuppah (Jewish wedding canopy) was simple. The food was solid. The music was ample but all…

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    A devil, lurking in the details

    I have been devouring Frank Lockwood's coverage of the troubles at Immanuel Baptist Church. It is the best reporting to be found in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazet…

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    Why music matters in our lives

    According to an AARP study, music listeners have higher scores for well-being and reduced anxiety than others: "Of those who reported often being exposed to mu…

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    Let the little children lead us

    Isaiah 11:6 refers to the Messiah's restored kingdom of peace and security. Since all scripture can be interpreted and used for our understanding and benefit, …

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    OPINION | REX NELSON: The local level

    James and Deborah Fallows wrote one of my favorite books six years ago. It's titled "Our Towns: A 100,000-Mile Journey Into the Heart of America."