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Lottery Chief salaries by state

Salaries of Lottery Directors

These are the annual compensation packages of lottery chief executives in the District of Columbia and the 43 states that have lotteries. They are listed from highest compensation to lowest.

State Salary Additional incentives
Tennessee $436,144 eligible for a bonus of up to 65 percent of salary. The bonus was $43,831 in fiscal 2008
Georgia $286,000 eligible for a bonus determined by the board of directors, a bonus that in fiscal 2008 was $150,000
Arkansas $324,000
North Carolina $246,750
South Carolina $226,829
Kentucky $220,200 plus deferred compensation of $5,000 a year and eligible for a bonus of up to 10 percent of salary
Louisiana $192,000
Oklahoma $184,485
Iowa $170,000
Oregon $165,624
New Mexico $165,000
New York $164,440
Connecticut $164,300 eligible for a bonus of up to the rate of inflation for the year multiplied by 1.5 multiplied by the base salary. The bonus cap may be exceeded under certain circumstances.
District of Columbia $157,000 eligible for a bonus of up to 7 percent of salary.
Maryland $143,000
Colorado $138,000
Virginia $135,923
Texas up to $135,000
California $133,732
Kansas $133, 250
Pennsylvania $131,015
Michigan $129,842
Massachusetts $122,400
Rhode Island $122,143
Washington $120,579
Florida $120,000
Illinois $116,316 eligible for a bonus of up to 7 percent of salary
New Jersey $116,147
Minnesota $114,297
Ohio $109,241
Missouri $107,155
Indiana $106,636 eligible for a bonus of up to 30 percent of salary
Arizona $105,000
Delaware $102,000
Vermont $95,867
Maine $94,872
Idaho $94,000
Wisconsin $93,089
Nebraska $93,217
West Virginia $92,500
New Hampshire $90,606
Montana $87,270
South Dakota $68,044
North Dakota $60,000

Source: Compiled by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette from information provided by lottery officials and other state officials