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    EDITORIAL: Tragedy of the Commons

    Arkansans don't usually complain too much about water. When they do, complaints usually come from duck hunters or kayakers who lament that Mother Nature doesn'…

  • OTHERS SAY: Call Putin’s bluff

    Vladimir Putin wants the world to believe that Russia's economy is doing fine, and that he has the wherewithal to prosecute the war in Ukraine indefinitely.

  • Surviving 2024

    A local, state and national election year is now here, and it will be an interesting and challenging period for many of us. Many candidates, media outlets, soc…

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    Desperate to be seen

    There's a truck I sometimes see in the neighborhood, late model, white, nondescript but for its bumper stickers which identify the driver as a man of strong, r…

  • Battling proponents of pseudoscience

    In recent years, disinformation has seemed to be on an inexorable march across the scientific and medical landscape.

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    An artist’s vision of rock ’n’ roll

    When you're a couple of years into your first job after college, you think about a lot of things--like how to survive on meager pay, or if you have a shirt to …

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    Following a fine female lineage

    "We have had a very cold and rainy spring, and vegetation is quite backward," Amanda Trulock wrote from Jefferson County, Ark., on April 14, 1853. In an earlie…

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    As times go by, cities evolve

    Regarding the expression "Keep Fayetteville Funky"--it may be too late for that. Amid the old hippie vibe, there is evidence of sophistication-creep downtown.

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    State’s maternal mortality rate: disgraceful

    Arkansas has the highest maternal mortality rate in the United States: 8.6, which far exceeds the national average of 5.4.

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    Clean up trash while you walk

    I'm a walker and a former runner, but I'm not writing from a prejudicial nature. So let me give you a little background on a walker-and-runner exercise routine.

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    We ought not support toxic behavior

    In January I went to California to visit a friend. She is from Jasper, Ark., and is a law professor at University of California, Davis. I flew into Sacramento …

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