• Harvard’s billionaires

    According to a 2022 Forbes report, among the alumni of Harvard University there are 188 billionaires. This is more than any other school in the world.

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    Country roads, take us home

    There I was, listening to a three-man band of seasoned musicians play rock 'n' roll oldies on a small stage in a covered pavilion, when Savannah started tuggin…

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    Driving nails into Earth’s coffin

    The last few years of severe weather and record temperatures have made sections of Earth increasingly difficult for humans to survive. Droughts, torrential rai…

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    Living together without judgment

    Every time I read the term "indoctrination" in the press, I shudder. It seems that we are opposed to other people's indoctrination, but not our own. My childre…

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    EDITORIAL: A gentleman’s A

    We've received many an attaboy for the paper's printing of all the state school grades last weekend. We rarely hesitate to nod our gratitude for compliments to…

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    Henry Kissinger

    He was taught early to be a diplomat. And a tough negotiator. Young Sgt. Henry Kissinger, being a native of Germany, would naturally be stationed there during …

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    OPINION | REX NELSON: The Wildrose way

    I'm sitting on the porch of a beautiful home on the banks of the Little Buffalo River in Newton County, visiting with one of the top dog trainers in the world.…

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    EDITORIAL: UALR’s counter-fight

    Misinformation is dangerous to democracies and peace-loving people all over the world. That's the bad news.

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    Words matter, part II

    As far as reaction to the attorney general's rulings Wednesday from the soi-disant Restore Election Integrity Arkansas (election integrity needs restoring here…

  • COLUMNIST: Is your dog happy?

    In our quest for connection and companionship, humans acquire dogs because we want them. Then we control every aspect of their lives, from their appearance and…