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    Negotiating the chaos

    I'm agnostic about the hiring of John Calipari as the next University of Arkansas men's basketball coach. I hope it works out. Calipari seems as capable as any…

  • Out of bounds

    Question for Major League Baseball: How do you like your sports betting partnerships now?

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    Making autocracy great again

    Good autocrats the world over probably took notice recently when a vexatious little Bible salesman and wannabe dictator decided to endorse God in plugging a ne…

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    The damage done by crypto mines

    You know crypto exists in the world, but it may not be part of your world. Unless fraudster Sam Friedman's arrest is on every news source, all matters crypto a…

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    Texas in the rear-view mirror

    After living and working as a geologist in Corpus Christi, Texas, for several years, we moved back to El Dorado in 1975, bought a small house in Goodwin Height…

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    How Cuba enchants, challenges visitors

    As a photographer I look for places to get lost in, to immerse myself within the culture and community. That is the primary reason why I was excited to be give…

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    EDITORIAL: U.S. deficit disorder

    In the first six months of the country's "fiscal year," the government of the United States took in $2.188 trillion. That is not only a 7 percent increase from…

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    EDITORIAL: Background noise

    Buried in the story about the Biden administration's new rule to help tighten (but not close) the gun-show loophole was this from somebody speaking for Gun Own…

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