Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun March 17, 2019
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Pictured is some of the playground equipment that will be used for an all-inclusive playground planned for Maumelle. It will have an “Arkansas fishing-hole-type theme,” said designer Dave Roberts of Maumelle, director of planning for Crafton Tull. The playground will allow children with special needs to play alongside able-bodied children, Roberts said. The committee has a goal of raising $800,000 for the playground and splash pad.

Breaking barriers

Maumelle raising money for all-inclusive playground

Children like Dave Roberts’ daughter, who has cerebral palsy, will someday be able to enjoy a playground in Maumelle alongside those who don’t have special needs. He knows, because he designed it. “Inclusive means all,” Roberts said. “When they play together, they don’t see disabilities; they just play. … They jump in and do it, which is why you need spaces where they can do it together.” Roberts, director of planning for the design fi... READ MORE


NFL player, Habitat team up for cleanup

CONWAY — Cleaning up a neighborhood is one thing; picking up trash with an NFL player might be a game-changer.


    Couple ‘share’ household chores

    My husband and I were talking about our least favorite household chores the other day. We’ve always shared house-cleaning duties, just like everything else in life these past 31 years of marriage. We were taking a walk the other day, and the subject of cleaning came up somehow. “I don’t like to dust,” he said. I knew that, so it falls to me. But I don’t like it, either, so it’s not something I do every week, I admit. When I do, I’m good... READ MORE


    Arts-association president says theater is a family

    Jeff Ward of Conway is comfortable in his sweatshirt and jeans at home, but he is willing to cinch himself into a corset or slip into a Santa suit to go onstage. The 45-year-old has been acting since he was a student at Morrilton High School. Now he’s president of the Community Arts Association of Conway Board of Directors. “I got involved in theater when I was 16. I’ve always kind of been interested in acting, and I was always kind of ... READ MORE


    Don’t toss those snow geese

    “I killed 10 snow geese on a hunt near Stuttgart,” a friend called and told me recently. “Should I throw them away, or can you eat them? One of the guys who was hunting with me said they’re not fit for the dinner table, and I should just toss them in the trash.” Apparently, there are lots of “buddies” out there who have never eaten a properly cooked snow goose because I hear this type of thing quite often. You definitely should not toss... READ MORE