River Valley Outdoors

Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun September 16, 2018
PHOTO BY: Keith Sutton

Skinning an alligator you’ve killed yourself can be a daunting task, as Keith Sutton of Alexander, right, and Chuck Long of Marmaduke learned after killing this 7 1/2-footer. But the delicious meat that results will provide many meals for family and friends.

Want something different for dinner? Give gator a go

On Friday through Sept. 24, and again Sept. 28 to Oct. 1, dozens of lucky hunters will be prowling the swamps and bayous of southern Arkansas in search of one of the state’s largest big-game animals, the American alligator. One hundred eight people drew permits from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to hunt these massive reptiles this year, and opportunities for a successful hunt are better than ever, as the south-central portion of... READ MORE