Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun March 17, 2019
PHOTO BY: Jennifer Ellis

Taylor Donnerson, a senior at Lyon College, said she takes her 7-month-old dog, Chance, to the new Schram Memorial Bark Park every day. The college in Batesville started a pet-friendly residence hall this fall and unveiled the park this month. Donnerson said Chance has her personality. “It’s really hilarious. A lot of times he’s very vibrant; he’s very friendly. … He’s not super hyper, just calm and likes to play with his toys most of the time.”

Bark Park

Area for dogs opens on Lyon College campus

Lyon College student Taylor Donnerson used to be afraid of dogs. Now she takes Chance, her standard poodle, to the new dog park on campus. A “leash-cutting” ceremony was held March 1 for the Schram Memorial Bark Park on the campus in Batesville. Donnerson, 23, said that when Lyon College opened a pet-friendly dorm this fall, she decided to get her first dog. “It’s the best thing that ever happened to me; it’s so amazing,” she said. When... READ MORE


    Couple ‘share’ household chores

    My husband and I were talking about our least favorite household chores the other day. We’ve always shared house-cleaning duties, just like everything else in life these past 31 years of marriage. We were taking a walk the other day, and the subject of cleaning came up somehow. “I don’t like to dust,” he said. I knew that, so it falls to me. But I don’t like it, either, so it’s not something I do every week, I admit. When I do, I’m good... READ MORE


    Searcy lieutenant named department’s firefighter of the year

    Cody Larque said that growing up, he always wanted to be a firefighter, and 2018 was a special year for him. Larque, 26, was named the 2018 Searcy Fire Department Firefighter of the Year during an awards ceremony in early January. “As a kid, I always played with firetrucks,” he said. “As I got older, I kind of learned a little bit more and what it was all about — it’s helping people in their time of need. It meant something to me from t... READ MORE


    Don’t toss those snow geese

    “I killed 10 snow geese on a hunt near Stuttgart,” a friend called and told me recently. “Should I throw them away, or can you eat them? One of the guys who was hunting with me said they’re not fit for the dinner table, and I should just toss them in the trash.” Apparently, there are lots of “buddies” out there who have never eaten a properly cooked snow goose because I hear this type of thing quite often. You definitely should not toss... READ MORE



    Today Kids’ Craft and Parents’ Morning Out POCAHONTAS — Davidsonville Historic State Park, 7953 Arkansas 166 S., will offer Kids’ Craft and Parents’ Morning Out from 9-11 a.m. at the park’s Education Center. Kids will join park interpreter Geoffrey for a few hours and get crafty, using all sorts of fun and interesting leather-working materials. They will make a bracelet and decorate it. For more information or to sign up, call the park... READ MORE