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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun March 17, 2019
PHOTO BY: Keith Sutton

This successful Stuttgart-area snow-goose hunt provided the makings for some delicious wild-game meals for hunter Mike Checkett of Wildwood, Mo.

Don’t toss those snow geese

“I killed 10 snow geese on a hunt near Stuttgart,” a friend called and told me recently. “Should I throw them away, or can you eat them? One of the guys who was hunting with me said they’re not fit for the dinner table, and I should just toss them in the trash.” Apparently, there are lots of “buddies” out there who have never eaten a properly cooked snow goose because I hear this type of thing quite often. You definitely should not toss the snow geese you kill. First of all, it’s illegal. Second, snow geese are delicious, despite misconceptions. Most of our state’s snow-goo... READ MORE

For a special treat, serve fish ‘en papillote’ style By KEITH SUTTON

The next time you’re cooking fresh-caught fish for your dinner guests, consider serving a very special and impressive meal using the classic French cooking technique called “en papillote,” in which pieces of fish are sealed, then baked, in packets of parchment paper.