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Updated 9:27 a.m., Mon October 22, 2018
PHOTO BY: Keith Sutton/Contributing Photographer

Anyone can whip up a delicious batch of venison breakfast sausage with just a few ingredients and a little time. It’s not as difficult as most people think.

How to make your own venison breakfast sausage at home

Keith Sutton/Contributing Writer

Killing one of Arkansas’ white-tailed deer each year lets me feed my family well on nature’s healthy, organic steaks, tenderloin and other cuts of venison. But for me, personally, the best thing about having a sizable annual supply of deer meat is being able to make lots of tasty breakfast sausage at home that I can use throughout the year. As my family would tell you, I love sausage and eggs, sausage biscuits and sausage used as an added ingredient in many of the recipes that my wife, sons and I use on a regular basis. Pork sausage certainly tastes delicious, but I much pr... READ MORE

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