Three Rivers Outdoors

Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun November 11, 2018
PHOTO BY: Keith Sutton/Contributing Photographer

Sammie Faulk of Lake Charles, La., takes in a peaceful moment after a successful hunt in the flooded green timber of an east Arkansas wildlife management area. These bottomland areas managed by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission provide unexcelled hunting for mallards and other ducks.

5 WMAs among the state’s best for duck hunting

The name Bayou Meto has long been synonymous with world-class waterfowling. Mention this southeast Arkansas wildlife management area to a duck hunter, and he’ll respond like Pavlov’s dog to a dinner bell — drooling at the mouth, with a hungry look in his eyes. In the minds of many, Bayou Meto is the center of the waterfowling universe, and anything outside this fabled realm is lesser fare. In reality, several Arkansas WMAs serve up waterfowling opportunities equal to — sometimes better than — the duck hunting available in Bayou Meto. These areas haven’t benefited from the ... READ MORE

The facts about feeding winter-stressed deer

When we see wildlife suffering through a frigid winter with little food, human nature compels us to help. We feel compassion for these poor creatures, and we know we can aid their survival by simply offering them something to eat.