Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun August 18, 2019
PHOTO BY: Sam Pierce

Janie Allen, president of the Humane Society of Clark County board, checks on some puppies outside the shelter in Arkadelphia. In July, Hurricane Berry created a 2-mile-wide storm that caused flooding inside the shelter. Allen said the shelter is currently closed but is expected to reopen in a couple of weeks.

To the rescue

Humane Society recovering after flood

Hurricane Berry created a 2-mile-wide storm in July that caused a torrential downpour in southern Arkansas, flooding the Humane Society of Clark County. Janie Allen, president of the Humane Society board, said that while it does usually flood around the shelter, getting up in the driveway and a little bit through the door, this time the water was up to her knees. “We had to quickly rescue the kittens out of the cages, and in the back ... READ MORE


Concert to benefit Bauxite boy’s family

Five-year-old Lathaan Hohn is not much different from any other kid. He is obsessed with dinosaurs and wants to play outside in his tree house with his older brother.


    The night sky is full of magic, if not meteors

    We didn’t see any meteors, but it was still pretty magical. The Perseid meteor shower was last week, and I read that the best time to see it was at 2 a.m., but you could go out and look at the sky at 9 p.m. There really wasn’t a question about which one I’d pick. I’ve never been interested in astronomy — although I remember one cool trip to the planetarium in Memphis, sitting in the dark as the stars swirled above us, and going to the ... READ MORE


    Food-pantry director given IMPACT Award

    Eight years ago, stemming from a children’s ministry at her church in Gurdon, Velvet Gonzalez took on an endeavor that has surpassed her expectations. “It started from a children’s program that we had on Wednesday nights, where we would bus kids in from the town and feed them,” Gonzalez said. “Another man in our community, Tommy Potter, had a small emergency food pantry, and we decided to join our efforts and become members of the Arka... READ MORE



    Today Fishing League Worldwide Forrest Wood Cup HOT SPRINGS — The 2019 Fishing League Worldwide Forrest Wood Cup will continue today, with competition beginning at 6:30 a.m. on Lake Hamilton. The weigh-in is scheduled for 5-9 p.m. at the Bank OZK Arena. The event will feature cash prizes, the Outdoors Expo show and a live performance by Trace Adkins prior to the final weigh-in. For more information, visit flwfishing.com. Monday Art Wi... READ MORE