Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun July 14, 2019
PHOTO BY: Sam Pierce

Taylor Parsons and her son, Jackson, 2, stand next to an allergy warning sign posted at Tyndall Park in Benton. Parsons asked the park to post the signs in an effort to bring awareness to children with allergies.


Benton mom, parks department warn others with allergy signs

When Taylor Parsons found out that her son, Jackson, had food allergies, she felt like they couldn’t go anywhere or eat anything at someone else’s house or in public. “But through friends on Facebook and the allergy groups,” Parsons said, “they were able to share products and stories, and I would say that now we feel much more comfortable going out in public. … It is scary, especially when going to a new place, but we have learned what... READ MORE


    Summer in the South is a hot topic

    In case you haven’t noticed, summer has arrived. We got off easy at first this year. It seemed like summer might not really come. A breeze was often blowing. I was actually chilly one night walking in our neighborhood. I sometimes wore a sweater in the office. Now I’ve turned into a sweater. I sweat while I’m blow-drying my hair in the morning, which is preceded by drinking one or two cups of hot coffee. A friend of mine posted on Faceb... READ MORE


    College professor named to Black History Commission

    When Jesse Hargrove moved to Alexander two years ago, he quickly became a spokesman for his community, and one of the first people he met with, in that role, was Mayor Paul Mitchell. “The people in my area of Meadow’s Edge, the homeowners association, asked me to act unofficially in the capacity so we could talk as homeowners about speed bumps, sidewalks and places for children to catch the bus,” Hargrove said. “So when the opportunity ... READ MORE