Nancy C. King

Photo of Nancy C. King
Nancy C. King died Oct., 31, 2010, at her home in Ivy, Va. The cause was complications arising from cancer. She was 59 years old. Nancy was born in Bronxville, N.Y. She grew up in Baltimore, Md, and Montclair, N.J. She graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in journalism and worked as a reporter for radio stations in Little Rock, Ark., Washington, D.C., and Charlottesville, Va. In the nineties, Nancy hosted the radio program, Charlottesville Live. She later worked with the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities to produce radio programs for National Public Radio. Nancy's perennial love of radio began in Baltimore, where she listened to Orioles games while finishing homework in her bedroom. In her 20's, Nancy developed a passion for birdwatching. She published newsletters for birding groups in Little Rock and Charlottesville. Her appreciation of birds eventually encompassed the natural world and later blossomed into avid gardening. Nancy also enjoyed travel. She organized and participated in trips to spot birds, tour gardens and just observe the wonderfulness of nature. In addition to her husband, Michael McGowan, Nancy is survived by two children, Nicholas and Grace McGowan, and three brothers, William, John and James King. The family expresses its sincerest gratitude to the community for the innumerable blessings delivered in your kind words, prayers and deeds. In lieu of flowers, Nancy's fond wish is for friends to honor her by dedicating time, momentary or prolonged, to admire nature's plants and animals, even its bugs. Nancy hopes you, too, discover memories to cherish and an appreciation for the great and small wonders of the world around us. If you wish to "plant a tree" or contribute to an organization to do this, that would be nice too. A memorial service will be held at Saint Paul's Episcopal Church in Ivy, Va., on Sunday, Nov. 14, 2010, at 1:00. Friends may send condolences to the family at

Published November 7, 2010