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Mariane Olson, formerly of Littler Rock, passed away on Nov. 18, 2010 in Marietta, Ga.. Mariane was devoted to her children and made a profound difference in shaping their lives. Mariane had a special love for family, which included people and her dogs, for gardening, for decorating her homes and for church. Born in Little Rock on Sept. 27, 1930, Mariane Wilmer Williams was the daughter of Frances Vinsonhaler and Benjamin Barron (B.B.) Williams. She was the granddaughter of Dr. Frank and Wrenetta Beidelman Vinsonhaler (Little Rock) and Mr. and Mrs. John T. Williams (Monticello, Ga.). Mariane grew up in Little Rock, living as a child in the grand Vinsonhaler home at 500 East 9th. She graduated from Little Rock's Central High School in the Class of 1947 by skipping her senior year. She was a graduate of Vassar College, Class of 1951, with B.A. in Psychology. She came out as a Debutante in December of 1951. Mariane was predeceased by Samuel L. Clark, II, her first husband (divorced) and Col. Arthur (Art) W. Olson II (USAF, ret.), her second husband (divorced). She is survived by her children, Jeffrey (Jeff) Barron Clark Olson, Keith Stadden Clark Olson, Wrenetta Frances Williams, and Arthur (Art) W. Olson, III; and her grandchildren, Adrienne Frances Olson, Lloyd Barron Olson, Collin Andrew Watts, Allen Carter (Carter) Olson, Matthew Conner Olson, Nathan Conner Olson, Mitchell Conner Olson and Chase Conner Olson. She absolutely loved travel and relished sharing with other people and cultures. She lived in Little Rock (multiple times), Memphis, Tenn., Cocoa Beach, Fla., Shreveport, La., Alexandria, La., Jacksonville, Ark., Montgomery, Ala., Burke, Va., Bellevue, Neb., Alexandria, La., Maumelle, Ark., and Marietta, Ga.. She traveled Europe and lived for a while in Pakistan and for four years in Belgium, near Mons, where her family lived at one point in a 400-year-old blacksmith's home. A founding member of World Wide Travel, she worked at the old Worthen Bank building in downtown Little Rock. During football season, she was known to answer her phone: "World Wide Travel, Beat Texas!" Mariane would "Call the Hogs" to beat the band and taught that strange custom to many of her European friends. Mariane was long-time active member of Second Presbyterian Church of Little Rock, where she was a Deacon and a Stephen's Minister. She was also an Elder of Providence Presbyterian Church of Fairfax, Va. Mariane had a beautiful soprano voice and loved to dance. She was also an accomplished bridge player and relished all kinds of word play. Given her elegance and decorating style, especially using blue, and her love of chocolate, her oft-expressed view of "heaven" was if God had invented blue chocolate; thus, the eventual release of blue m&m's was a huge hit! A definite dog person, she would have laughed to see her dog's names in print. Here's to the companionship provided by Spanky, Buffy, Lufkin, Sandy, Andrew, Honeybun, Schnoodle, Sherman Tank, Koko-Pindi and Raggs. A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 22 at Second Presbyterian Church at 600 Pleasant Valley Drive, Little Rock, Ark. Come eat blue m&m's and fondly remember together the life and love of Mariane Wilmer Williams Olson. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Pulaski County Humane Society (14600 Colonel Glenn Rd, Little Rock, Ark. 72210-2223, 501-227-6166) or the Alzheimer's Foundation of America (322 8th Ave, NYC, N.Y. 10001) would be greatly appreciated. Mariane will always be remembered for her love, style and devotion. Arrangements by SouthCare Cremation Society and Memorial Centers in Marietta. (770) 420-5557.

Published November 21, 2010

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