John Conklin

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John Conklin passed away on Sept. 2, 2014. To many he was known simply as John, to his nieces and nephews he was Uncle Cracker, to his Mom he was Jack, to party goers and karaoke lovers he was Johnny Dollar, to his boys he was Dad, and to his wife he was Honey. John packed far more than a lifetime of love and fun into his 56 short years. His magnetic personality and contagious smile brought life to every room. He lived to bring happiness and delight to others, while simultaneously extracting the best from those around him. Whether he was dressing up as a rock star and leading a room in song or creating games on the fly that would make you laugh until it hurt, it was impossible to have a dull moment with John. John's presence was so remarkable that lifelong friends and strangers alike couldn't help but light up when he spoke. This was no more evident than when he was with his family. He spoiled his boys with love and was infinitely proud of their smallest victories. He would convince waitresses and flight attendants that they were rock stars on tour – and he may have actually believed it himself. There was no problem John couldn't solve and, in his eyes, no height his boys couldn't rise to (or amount of food they couldn't eat). John's love for his wife Sandy was unrivaled by anything else in the world. He took immense pleasure in surprising her with grand gestures of love and kindness. Beyond the important expectations of every man on birthdays and anniversaries, John was an extraordinary husband each day. The small kisses, special meals, and long hugs were aspects of being a husband to which he devoted great attention and pride. John was an entertainer, a craftsman, a rock star, a chef, a role model, a brother, a son, a father, a husband and so much more. It is all but impossible to think back on his life without smiling at the way he lived it. A remembrance of his life will be held at a later date. Arrangements are by Sisco Funeral Home in Pea Ridge.

Published September 7, 2014

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