Richard Wun Hinton

Photo of Richard Wun Hinton
RICHARD WUN HINTON, as the sun scattered across the morning sky, where superheroes fly and dragons soar, The Heavenly Realm welcomed one its own on July 11th, 2019. Dr. Richard Wun Hinton took his final breath in his own home, surrounded by love and light, and just as he had wished. Richie, his affectionate childhood moniker, was born in The Year of The Dragon on August 14, 1976, in Ashdown, Ark., to Mone "Sue" Hinton and Larry Wayne Hinton. Richie's father was a metal processing specialist for C130s in the US Air Force during the Vietnam War who romanticized a beautiful Taiwanese Sue in her hometown of Taichan, Taiwan. The two wed on August 28, 1971, and returned back to Larry's hometown of Ashdown to build a life and family. Richie grew up playing on his family's 40 acres with his older brother Terry. Together the two terrorized crawdads in the mud, played baseball and micromachines, and shared a love for fast cars and superheroes. Richie's childhood and adolescence were pretty standard Southern Arkansas except for the rich sprinkles of ancient Taiwan stories, traditions, and love. He truly was an archetype of Yin and Yang, seemingly opposing forces coming together to create a complementary wholeness. He attended Henderson State University whole pursuing the study of chemistry and later went on to attend The University of Arkansas School of Medicine where he spent the next four years. Medical school led to a residency at UAMS in anesthesiology which he completed in 2005. From there he began his career at Baptist Health in Little Rock where he would continue to work full time for the next 14 years, until three months prior to his death. Richard loved his patients and caring for them and the Baptist OR was his second family. The love of his life were his sons, Max age 13, and Dominic age 10. Early in careers when most work as much as possible to get a good start, Richard stopped working weekends in order to spend as much time with his boys as possible. He was known in the OR as selfless, kind, level headed, always concerned about other's & disregarded himself, hard-working, and despite his radiation and chemotherapy schedules, he maintained his beautiful character of wittiness, positivity, and empathy for others and never missed a day of work. He was and will continue to be an inspiration of loving kindness and selflessness and his absence has left a hole in those hospital halls which will never be filled. He is survived in death by his father Larry Wayne Hinton, his mother Mone "Sue" Hinton, and his sons Maxwell Maloy Hinton, and Dominic Asher Hinton. Visitation will be at Roller-Chenal Funeral Home Friday, July 19th 6-8 p.m. and memorial services on Saturday, July 20th 4 p.m. Memorial service to be held in his hometown of Ashdown at a date to follow. Please share your memories of Richard at

Published July 14, 2019