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The Pine Bluff Commercial was sold to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and its parent company, WEHCO Newspapers Inc. in August 2020. The new Pine Bluff Commercial appears in the digital replica edition of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette seven days a week. The digital replica is identical to the print edition but delivered on an iPad or other computer device.

Q: Will I continue to receive the Pine Bluff Commercial?

A:Pine Bluff Commercial subscribers will receive home delivery of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette with a special Pine Bluff Commercial section until mid-October. Pine Bluff Commercial customers who decide to continue their subscription to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette when seven-day home delivery ceases will be offered the use of an iPad with their subscription as well as Sunday home delivery. The iPad can be used to access the Arkansas-Democrat Gazette’s daily and Sunday digital replica edition, which includes the new Pine Bluff Commercial section. Subscribers will also have full access to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s website and can sign up for any of the ADG’s 20+ newsletters, including a Pine Bluff newsletter.

Q: What number do I call to make sure I continue to receive the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, including the Pine Bluff Commercial section?

A:You can call the Pine Bluff Commercial number 870-380-5661 or 800-482-1121 or you can email us at

Q: I’m a Pine Bluff Commercial subscriber. How do I access the Pine Bluff Commercial stories on the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s website and app?

A:You first need to activate your account. Go to and fill out the information used for your Pine Bluff Commercial account. You’ll need to create a new password. Once you've activated your account and created a new password you’ll be able to access stories on the website and app. If you have problems or questions call 870-380-5661 or 800-482-1121 or you can email us at

Q: I’m an Arkansas Democrat-Gazette subscriber. How do I access the Pine Bluff Commercial stories on the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette website and app? A: Use your Arkansas Democrat-Gazette login to

A: Use your Arkansas Democrat-Gazette login to and you will be able to read the Pine Bluff Commercial articles here: If you have problems or questions call 870-380-5661 or 800-482-1121 or you can email us at

Q: I’m not subscribed to the Pine Bluff Commercial or the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Where do I find out more about my subscription options?


Q: Are you reducing news coverage in Pine Bluff and the surrounding area?

A:We have more reporting staff now than the Pine Bluff Commercial had at the time of the change in ownership. We are committed to bringing subscribers local, valuable and unbiased Pine Bluff coverage. Byron Tate, who has worked at the Pine Bluff Commercial four times over his career, leads the news staff. His last position was as both editor and publisher until June 2016. The newspaper, which was five days a week, is now seven days a week.

Q: How many iPads per subscription?

A: One. Subscribers will receive one iPad per paid subscription. However, subscribers may also access the replica paper using their own tablet, smartphone or computer.

Q: Can I still do the puzzles?

A: Yes. There are interactive versions of the puzzles on the replica, plus there are additional puzzles that are only available on the replica..

Q: What if I already have an iPad?

A: Subscribers can download the replica app on most personal devices. There is no reduction in price if you choose not to receive an iPad with your subscription.

Q: Why is the rate the same if I’m not receiving a daily printed edition?

A: To ensure that we continue to produce a high-quality newspaper seven days a week, the subscription rate is necessary to sustain our business.

Q: What if I don’t know how to work an iPad?

A: Specially trained representatives of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette will meet one-on-one with subscribers at a meeting space, or at home if necessary, to show the subscriber how to use the device. Digital specialists are also available to assist or answer questions at (501) 378-3865.

Q: What time is the online edition available?

A: Normally by 4 a.m.

Q: Will the yellow racks and convenience stores in the area still be serviced?

A: We will sell daily and Sunday newspapers in the yellow racks and inside retail outlets for the time being.

Q: Can I have the print edition sent to me in the mail?

A: No.

Q: What if I have don't have internet access or Wi-Fi?

A: You may contact an internet service provider to add Wi-Fi to your home. You may also set up a Wi-Fi hotspot service with a cellular provider.

Q: What about damages to the iPad? Who should I contact? Will the device be replaced?

A: We will provide a protective case to help keep the equipment safe from physical damage. We will not be responsible for physical damage sustained to the equipment. Contact us at (501) 378-3865 for troubleshooting or for manufacturer’s defects.

Q: The app icon on the desktop of my tablet/phone has a red circle with the number 1 in the middle. What does that mean?

A: The red circle with the number in the center indicates an edition of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has been downloaded to your app and is ready for you to read. The red circle will remain until you open and read the edition.

Q: Where can I find out more about the app?

A: Learn more about our new app and many of its new features HERE.

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