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Deutsche Bank flagged Trump, Kushner deals

Like this morebeer person. Another reasonable poster. Pack and these other yahoos will make up anything to disregard the many impeachable events of our Traitor of a President.
Someone said it. If it comes out Trump laundered Russian money (we know he did - he’s been doing it for 25 years), and you know it will, Cult followers wouldn’t care one bit. They don’t care that he lies everyday. Obstructs justice. Cheats on his wife. Makes money off his office. Disparage our police and Military. Is a racist. A cheat. Stiffs contractors. Uses campaign funds to pay of sex workers. Uses his nonprofit for profit. Takes Russia’ s side over ours. Takes Saudi’s side over ours. Takes NK side over ours.
Should I go on? Cult followers are cult followers. You think you can make a Scientologist believe Ron Hubbard is a lying pos and a snake salesman? Of course not. They believe for the sake of believing. Certainly a interesting psychological conundrum. And sad for our country to say the least.

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Pay range in place for state Cabinet’s 15 new secretaries

Such a sham.
Middle class state workers will lose their jobs and these cronies will step in. Bad deal for the state.

May 20, 2019 at 2:57 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

GOP leader opposes state abortion law

Let’s hope.
Maybe we can take away a woman’s right to own a home too? Then later we can take their voting rights. And if we get 3 more Trumps in a row, maybe slavery is back in the mix. MAGA!!!

May 17, 2019 at 9:43 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Lawmakers say fill us in on Iran

Turns out. Unless you don’t believe our military now too - that it was our own aggressive actions that forced Iran to make their aggressive jesters. Imagine that. More chaos and dangerous stupidity from this administration.

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Trump immigration plan stresses merit over family ties; Arkansas congressman calls it opportunity to restart negotiations

You say that Mozarky but there hasn’t been evidence of that. If so, fine. I’m no cult follower. But there is ample evidence of Trump committing obstruction of justice and lying to the police numerous times about his ties to Russia. The fact that you don’t care about that...that’s on you.
Indicted? Hopefully when this lying pos loses in 2020 he will spend the rest of his life in jail. My guess is, the day after he loses he runs to his new Trump Tower in Russia.

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Trump immigration plan stresses merit over family ties; Arkansas congressman calls it opportunity to restart negotiations

No article on Flynn’s unredacted comments on how Trumps lawyers AND CONGRESS tried to obstruct justice through him?
This President is a criminal.

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Alabama abortion law signed, stirs outcry

How many know a woman that would be pregnant for 8 months and then decide to abort it for no reason good reason? I don’t know one. And I bet you don’t either.
Republicans have created some narrative that there are people (women) out there that decide to just “get rid of their baby” at the last minute. Once again, and about on every topic, republicans lie to their followers. What else could it be? I suspect 99.999% of women that have an abortion during the 3rd trimester is because their baby is severally sick. And are making the most difficult decision of their life. And then to have a bunch of stupid ass republicans act like they are monsters is horrific and disgusting.
You had that one Republican idiot lawmaker in AL implying that birth control or the day after Pill is abortion. Which it scientifically isn’t! WTH is wrong with the Republican Party? When did they become the party of stupid? I know Republicans that are smart loving people but have somehow just gone bsc the last couple of years. You still have to love your sister that is in the cult down the street. At some point you hope she sees the light. Go look at Scientologist that no longer believe. Really sad.
And I get people that are against abortions in all forms. But what I won’t stand for is the hypocrisy they spout. Nothing on the 300k innocent people we killed in Iraq? Death penalty? Pack, that person that committed that murder is a child of “god”. And if they are really sorry about it and believe in Jesus, that murderer and child molester will be living amongst the Christians while in heaven. He is “life”.
Question, will parents allow their kids to trick or treat at his house in heaven? That’s a joke?

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Panel OKs Cabinet pay range


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Trump dangles deal on auto levy

No. That’s what Rush and Fox tells you to think. I listen to them too.
Funny, Rush knows EVERYTHING Dems are thinking and are about but, Republicans he just can’t “figure out”. What an Fing tool.

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