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AP source: Jeffrey Epstein found injured in NYC jail cell

@ABB "Add another "Arkansas Flu" to the Clinton body count."

I understand that political parties and politicians have their agendas. I also understand that one result is that there will be opponents of political parties and politicians. True democracy requires a healthy debate between conflicting agendas of political parties and politicians and their opponents.

What I don't understand is the hatred some Arkansans have for the Clintons. This hatred seems to be severe in relation to a much more mild dislike of the Clintons nationally except for the current resident in the White House who appears to hate only Hillary, not Bill.

We have a situation where an extremely wealthy man is charged with federal sex crimes. This man, Epstein, has never held a political office. I have not seen his name affiliated with political parties or the agendas of political parties. Nevertheless, the mantra of Clinton haters never misses an opportunity to relate the Clintons to a scandal that involves a very high person.

The only link to the Clintons is that Epstein lent his big jet to a group of people going to Africa to help with the campaign to treat the Aids epidemic in Africa. It is very common for the very rich to provide help for a humanitarian project especially if they will get good media coverage for it.

This lending of a jet took place in the 000s. Epstein is found on the floor with a bruise on his neck while in a very high-security jail facility.

Here comes the automatic response from an AR hater of the Clintons. Add Epstein to the list of who is targeted for major harm or death by the Clinton family.

Please don't insult our intelligence by suggesting that the Clintons sent one of their underlings to this very secure jail cell to do mischief!

I missed this in July. This article reappeared today because Epstein is now dead and his death has been ruled a suicide. I'm waiting for the charge that the Clinton mafia somehow got into Epstein's cell and staged a suicide death that was in truth a murder carried out because the Clintons decided that Epstein needed to be dead.

The Clintons have secured their place in history. Why would they go to this trouble that could ruin their place in American history?

I don't believe there is any connection between Epstein and the charges brought against him being related in any way with the Clinton family, then or now.

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Trump commutes sentence of Arkansas businessman convicted of bribery

He served seven years of his sentence and was a model prisoner. Those two are qualifications to use to consider receiving a pardon.

"Pilar of the community?" It was when we was a pillar of the community when the crimes were committed. Not so important.

Huckabee was in favor of this pardon? That is all we need to know as to why Trump gave the pardon!

As others have mentioned, get ready. Trump has a bushel full of pardons to hand out sometime after the 2020 elections!

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Former UA, NFL football player Mitch Petrus dies at 32


I understand how you and many feel about the sport's world. There are times I agree with you. However, this death had nothing to do with sports. Had this young man been the president of a local bank, that information would have been given. It is standard to include some biography when there has been a tragic death.

Any time there is a death due to excessive heat, it gets media attention on the front page regardless how well people knew him or as the case may be did not know him.

Yes, there has been more coverage of this tragedy than if he was not well known. However, much of this additional coverage has been in the sports section.

You made the comment that this is a small area of readership and it is. However, please consider: What if this young man's grandmother had opened up this section of the online newspaper and read what you have written?

Consider this real tragedy. A young man, aged 32, has outside chores or work to do. He completes the day, but has symptoms that indicate a serious medical problem. The young man dies and the death is ruled as a heat stroke. This death is even more a tragedy because it might could have been avoided.

With instant news worldwide that we now have, we are used to reading about tragedies such as this. It is easy to become numb and forget that there may be a grandmother grieving. The grandmother has been blind sighted by a tragedy that most likely could have been avoided.

When I read comments to this article who knew this young man, know his parents and/or also know his grandmother, my heart began to grieve for his family.

It is true that there have been some other deaths of people in their 30s who have died due to car accidents, etc. in the past year. There will be more deaths in the future of young adults who have died due to sudden injury or illness. We can get numb, especially, if we didn't know the person.

Out of respect for this young man's family and friends, please consider leaving some thoughts to yourself or share them privately with others who have the same history and opinions as you have concerning sports.

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House condemns Trump 'racist' tweets in extraordinary rebuke

This should be about what the president said, not about the political aims of the president nor the four ladies. The president has a right and an obligation to express his positions on political matters. The four ladies also have a right and an obligation to express their positions on political matters.

Three of the ladies were born here in the US. Apparently one or both parents were not born here in the US. News flash: President's mother immigrated to the US at age 18 from Scotland. According to the viewpoint of Trump, the four ladies have just as much ancestry credentials to tell the president to go back to Scotland and help Scotland determine its future in the EU and the UK.

On Trump's father's side, his paternal grandparents immigrated to the US from Eastern Europe. Trump's wife is an immigrant herself. Surely the president isn't going to ask his wife to go home to settle problems there!

What is the critical difference: Being a WASP. Trump is considered to be White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant. This is why the suggestion to go back to your own country doesn't apply to Trump.

Technically, the Scots are not Anglo/Saxon, however, the term applies to people who look like they could have been born of two parents whose ancestry is British for many generations!

Basing pros and cons on the above information shows that this is a purely racist comment coming from our president who has shown time and time again that he is 100 % a racist!

I am not in favor of some of the proposals that these four ladies have suggested. I suspect a majority of Democrats feel as I do. They are going too far in some of their suggestions.

I am for some type of Medicare for All, but not the single payer plan proposed by this group of ladies. I welcome debate with the ladies on health care.

In no way would I try to take away their right of free speech because they are women of color and/or proposing something different than what I am proposing.

That is it for Trump. They are women of color who will publicly debate the issues with Trump. The reason they need to go home according to Trump is because of their race!

I will take on the right of both Trump and those ladies to present solutions that are different than my own. In no way should Trump be silent on his solutions for heath care. Neither should these ladies. Many soldiers, both white and soldiers of color fought and died for our right of free speech in the US. We should defend everyone's right for free speech, not just the ones that believe and want the same things we do and also look like us.

Let the debate continue, but please Mr. President don't stoop to criticize the ladies for being ladies of color. The color of our skin and who were our parents and grandparents should have absolutely no bearing in this national discussion on health care and other issues.

May the US Bill of Rights and other additional amendments always be the goal that unites us all.

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U.K. ambassador to U.S. quits days after leaked cables on Trump

"Putin’s plan is working perfect. Republicans completely clueless.
Name one thing this guy said that wasn’t true?"

You do know how to shut down the pro-Trump comments! Perhaps this is what upset our chief ooccupant that currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in our capital city! The anbassador simply stated what we all know is true, even our most ardent Trump supporters.

Comments that are true about "His Unroyal Highness" simply can't be allowed said even in private conversations between an ambassador and our closest ally, the United Kingdom!

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Congress hears of 'active threats' facing elections

Excellent Comment!
Perhaps the esteemed Senator from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell, is afraid that he might not win reelection in an accurate counting of the votes!

This dishonorable "Mitch" has shown time and again that his primary concern is to reelect Republicans of his choosing, not elect candidates of the people's choosing!

Mitch's wife is Chinese. Mitch is running interference for both the Chinese and Russians. How sad!

The only bills that are allowed by "dishonorable" Mitch are the bills that either Mitch wants passed or his partner in crime, Donnie Trump, wants passed.

Why the Republican Senators are allowing Mitch McConnell to totally disallow any of their input into what is voted on in the Senate is a mystery to me and should be a concern to all Americans, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

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Fiscal '19 ends with $295.4M in surplus funds


You both present valid points about corporate tax. It appears that Arkansas is not taxing corporations profits dollar for dollar as much as Arkansas is taxing individuals. I am for investigating how our corporate tax structure compares to our individual tax structure.

That being said, I do not want to chase off any corporation that is located in Arkansas to another state due to Arkansas getting greedy with corporate taxes.

Arkansas would do well to study the tax structures, both individual and corporate in Texas. Perhaps there is a way to get more corporations to come to Arkansas.

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Lonoke schools hire three new principals

Glad to see a male role model in a primary school. If Campbell is able to influence the boys at that age, the scores on those mandated tests will show improvement for the boys. The first step is he likes working with children at that age. Secondly, he realizes what a contribution he can make as a male role model.

I can see Cambell using his love of basketball to reach that age. I hope he uses basketball during recess time to develop positive attitutudes about school in boys that are not achieving.

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Justice Department shaking up legal team on census case


Trump is looking for the DOJ attorney who believes Trump is above the law regardless what the US Constitution, the courts, and/or the Congress says is the law!

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U.S., China call trade truce; Trump, Xi meet as talks set to resume


I agree totally with your two posts. I'm not sure if it is just smoke or also a lot of hot air created solely by Trump from eating fast foods!

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