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9-ton truck pulls down 1890s span

Thank you for all your comments. We went to talk to Judge Hart yesterday and the final decision has not been made. We, as the Fryer family want the bridge preserved if at all possible. We will abide by the decision of the Judge and the county but we are working with them to preserve the bridge if at all possible. I mistake was made and they will have to own up to it. The bridge is/was a thing of beauty. I do not believe that we should tear down anything of historcial value just because there is a better way. As abeable said (my husband) this has been in operation for 121 years. How many high winds, tornados or floods have we has since the building of the bridge. It withstood thoses. It took one person in a truck to bring it down just because he was not thinking. The bridge was clearly marked for its weight limit. the driver said he didn't "think" his truck was that heavy. The truck drivers I know allways know how much weight they are carrying. It is just a matter of being careless, and this beautiful bridge had to pay for it. A cousin went there on Tuesday and people were coming up to her in mourning over the loss of the bridge. To a LOT of people, not just the Fryer family, this is not just another bridge. It is a source of price for Conway county, Arkansas and of course the Fryer family.

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Conway County bridge collapses after truck crosses

It wasn't rickty, I didn't like it because 1 I am afraid of heights and 2 it didn't have any sides...otherwise it was ok. I am sorry that the driver was fired but he destroyed part of our family's heritage. Heard that the county is going to sue. I guess it go's back to the old addage, if everybody else jumped off the bridge would you?

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Conway County bridge collapses after truck crosses

Oldwarren, The bridge is named after my husband's great grandfather and it was not un-safe. It was beautiful. I wish the hero who would be charged with something more serious. The man that it was named after was murdered along with his daughter, son and law and 16 year old son by a lunatic. This has been a part of our family history for well, 121 years. jackalope, yes there was a sign, it is required. There is a lot of drilling in that area. The Fryer family is very sad today. We have lost something dear to us.

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