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Proposal by Entergy would increase rates in Arkansas. Here's how much the average bill would rise:

RTT Check this out not real high on Entergy just saying. Entergy announces rate reduction
Entergy Arkansas, Inc. announced today a rate reduction effective Sept. 1, as a result of declining fuel costs. The reduction will result in savings o...
by Arkansas Online - August 13, 2009

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Arkansan's viral feral pig post gets tweeters' potshots

Guns are not the problem. Having no fear of the consequences of using them for the wrong purpose is the problem. We are on a fast track to becoming a barbarian culture that does not value life nor fear the consequences of their action.

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REX NELSON: Long live King Cat

And now we have the new one taking the catfish by storm Eat my Catfish.

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REX NELSON: Dreaming in the Delta

Getting rid of the mosquito would go along way in the revitalizing the Delta. My take after spending 21 years pastoring a church in the Southeast Arkansas Delta.

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Backpack sellers riding wave of fear, critics say

This article that you printed on the 9th is the best thing I have seen on prevention of the killings;
By DANA D KELLEY Warped minds. Tried to post the link but not allowed?

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Sarah Sanders says she didn't lie, despite Mueller finding

Sarah Sanders the press secretary that any President has had.

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Mueller's report finally public

Well, the report that cost millions produced very little. Time for the haters to pipe down and start working for the president to succeed at getting the country on track for better times. Haven't had a president that I agree with on everything he says and does, but I love the fact that this one has and is working harder at keeping his campaign promises than any I remember. Keep on keeping on Mr. President.

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