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Grumpy old guy

Comments by NickieD
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NickieD (RICK BOIGEGRAIN) says...

RE: The Hubbub about whether or not a "box" ought to allowed to be put up for X-mas demonstrations.
What is wrong with the religionists here in this state? They continuously claim that the Founders were Christians and that this is a Christian nation... I'd be willing to forgive them their ignorance on this matter, taking this state's educational system through high school in to account. But for adults who have access to the truth, there is little excuse for such ignorance.
Clearly and in example, this is demonstrated by Elsie Norman's letter to the editor Dec 22. Ending with the order to "get out" of (apparently) her country.
Mam, I'm a veteran and I do not intend to turn over MY country to superstitious religionists!

December 24, 2009 at 2:06 p.m. ( reply | | suggest removal )

dwstark (Doug Stark) says...

Good afternoon, Nickie D

I have not read all your comments or all the others as well, but I am just wanting to let you know of a place that you can get all your answers. You said that you had read the bible, but you probably don't completely understand the reason behind all of the details in the bible. I myself do not know all the answers, but I am wanting to let you know about a website that will give you answers that will make everything line up to get a better understanding. You are probably familiar that in Jesus's lifetime on this earth, he had to spent a lot of time correcting the teaching of the so called religious leaders of his day. I am finding this same thing to be true today, because so many are just going on what they may have learned in a certain doctrine or just because the rest of family has believed the same thing. I am not going to persuade you to take my word for it, but I would like for you to take the time to find out the truth on your own. There is nothing that you can say that could make me change my belief. I know the great Creator of this universe in a personal way, whose heart is full of love for me and everyone else in this world. I know to what extend that he went to reveal this truth. He is not the one who caused Hurricane Katrina or any other such disaster. He is also the one who even understands the heart of all men and their needs.

This website that I want you to review is the teaching's found on Andrew Wommack's website. "" You can find a section called Audio Teaching on the left hand side of his home page. You can get over hundreds hours of his teaching for free. (I have over 180 hours on my MP3 player.) You can also send an email to "" to get your questions answered. I also want to say that if there is something that you do not like to hear at first be sure and hear him out completely before you make a decision. I had been in certain denomination for years, but his teaching has opened my eyes to a deeper understanding. One thing else that I am going to say in closing which you cannot deny. Take any generation or group of people down through history. There is always someone searching for a supreme being. They have always had a void in their life that needed to be filled in some way. So many people use things or riches to fill this void, but they cannot find complete satisfaction. I was one of those for years. One other detail about Andrew Wommack that may give you a desire to check him out is that he is a Vietnam Vet. The only reason that I am suggesting Andrew Wommack is that his ministry offers free downloads and will answer questions by email. There are others that also share the whole truth in God's word.

February 2, 2010 at 1:17 p.m. ( reply | | suggest removal )

NickieD (RICK BOIGEGRAIN) says...

Doug, I wonder if you will read this...
Your reasoning is faulty. While you may be a good man (you seem so) to believe in a super being who cares about you is childish. Though I am inclined to let people waste their lives as they wish, it is a shame when people do.

February 3, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. ( reply | | suggest removal )

Coralie (CORALIE KOONCE) says...

Hi NickieD,
Since you are interested in the survival of the human species I'd like to mention that I recently published a book on that very topic called THINKING TOWARD SURVIVAL. It is available in the Fayetteville and Bentonville libraries and maybe others--or you could get it by inter-library loan.
My previous book, SWIMMING IN A SEA OF IDEOLOGY, has a long chapter about fundamentalism.

December 15, 2010 at 12:45 p.m. ( reply | | suggest removal )

Coralie (CORALIE KOONCE) says...

Hi, NickieD. Not sure what happened. Again:
Since you're interested in the survival of the human species, you might be interested in a book I just published on this very subject: THINKING TOWARD SURVIVAL. It's in the Fayetteville and Bentonville libraries, perhaps others, or available by inter-library loan.
Also previous book SWIMMING IN A SEA OF IDEOLOGY has a long chapter about fundamentalism.

December 15, 2010 at 1:22 p.m. ( reply | | suggest removal )

Coralie (CORALIE KOONCE) says...

Both comments show up when I hit your avatar.

December 15, 2010 at 3:48 p.m. ( reply | | suggest removal )

MovieCritic (Travis Gargarello) says...

Read your statement on Poor Philip's review of battle: los angeles.. I didn't even realize we had the same idea to yell at him enjoyed you comment and I posted a gripe of my own on that close-minded fools review.

March 12, 2011 at 4:43 p.m. ( reply | | suggest removal )

Namsaev (ALLEN VEASMAN) says...

How's this for a solution?

Both sides agree our tax code is obsolete, cumbersome, filled with flaws, and should be completely scrapped. Keeping the current tax code and bringing it up to date would take more time and effort than it would be worth. You can dig a '57 Chevy up and completely restore it updating things that need to be updated or improved. But in the end you still have a '57 Chevy. So why not create a completely new car?

Right now there are US companies and corporations who are moving jobs out of the US into foreign countries. One of the reasons is high labor costs in the US. And another is corporate tax rates in the US are higher than elsewhere. And because the US tax code is screwed up (more holes in it than sliced Swiss Cheese) there are companies who make billions and yet pay no taxes.

But it's my contention that no company actually pays taxes, they are just an unpaid collection agency. Individuals (the end customers of everything) actually pay the taxes. Now if you disagree with that I'll gladly provide you with my reasoning.

Now I'm not asking workers in the US to work for wages of workers in foreign countries. But what IF companies with factories and offices in the US paid no taxes on what goods and services produced here? If companies are leaving the US because of high taxes then it stands to reason companies would come here for lower taxes. And it the companies come here they have people working here.

So how do we compensate to the loss of corporate taxes. Now there is the easy part. You tax the individuals who work in the country. Because our present tax code has so many holes there are a lot of people who make a ton of money but pay little in taxes. Warren Buffett feels so bad about how little he pays he wants the government to tax him more. But what about those greedy people who don't feel as Warren does? Here's a novel idea--Remove the holes!

Cut the amount of deductions allowed to practically zero. A deduction if you are breathing. Another one for a disability. A modest allowance for health insurance no Cadillac plans fall into this catagory. And that's it! Wages-taxed. Salaries-taxed. Bonuses-taxed, etc. Got the picture?

Anyone above the poverty level would pay some tax. The percentage of income would be determined by how far above the poverty line you were. How fast the percentage rose would be determined by mathematicians and statisticians to cover the expenses of government. And this includes paying off the debt! There would be no upper limit.

No one gets excluded. Citizen or foreigner makes no difference. If you work here. If you get paid for what you do here. It gets taxed here.

January 30, 2012 at 10:44 a.m. ( reply | | suggest removal )

GoodMorningUncleSam (ANDREW MILES) says...

Sounds like it would be a good discussion, so just let me know when.

March 2, 2012 at 8:17 p.m. ( reply | | suggest removal )

Namsaev (ALLEN VEASMAN) says...

You wrote," Dan Arndt; yeah Dan you're an idiot and so is Romney. Please vote for another GOP loser and a loser he will surely be. Even if he won he'd probably give a concession speech since he is such a flip-flopper.
You can display your ignorance by blaming Obama for gas prices and make a big deal out of one company going bankrupt after stealing Gov't money... but he is 10X the President Bush ever was and going back to another greedy Republican administration would surely be the end of us all."

Now before I say IMHO I think you are completely wrong. I agree Obama is not completely at fault for high gas prices. But he is complicit. There are things the President can control and things he can't. My point is if you can do no good. At least don't make the problems worse.

Our economy is drowning in a sea of red ink. Would that Solyndra were the only mistake our President and his administration has made when it comes to government funding. But Solyndra is only the tip or the tip of the ice burg. There are many more mistakes out there.

Bush did a lot of things in my opinion which were wrong. But the current President hasn't changed the way government operates for the better. From my perspective he did issue the GO order to take out bin Laden for that I give him credit. But what else has he done of a positive nature. Health Care Reform, over 1800 LARGE organizations (including Congress) have been granted exemptions from participating. And it won't lower what health care cost for anyone. There are some good things in it's 2700 pages, but I can list them all on a 3X5 card. And the majority of voters think it should be repealed entirely or drastically modified.

Government spending and deficits have both gone up. Our national debt will have expanded in four years as much if not more than what Bush2 ran up in eight. Wasn't our current President the one who campaigned he would CUT the deficit by half in his first four years? That he couldn't accomplish what he said he would doesn't surprise me. I doubt anyone short of GOD could do that. What disappoints me is, HE DIDN'T EVEN TRY!

Romney may be an idiot. But he's an idiot who has taken many companies in trouble and made them profitable. He understands business. You call Republicans greedy. They understand business. The purpose of business is to make a profit. They want to make more money. Are Democrats any different? They want more money too. Here's the difference. Republicans sign the FRONT of the check. The Democrats sign the BACK of the check. And as long as you only sign the back you don't control the amount of the check.

I could go on but I doubt your attention span would last longer.

May 11, 2012 at 9:09 a.m. ( reply | | suggest removal )