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Sears files for bankruptcy protection; Arkansas store among 142 closures

I've always said the Asher & University Kmart could have survived if not for the manager banning city buses from the store because he thought they brought homeless people there. In reality, the homeless camped out behind the store; the bus ban drove away disabled customers from places like Our Way (on the same bus route), and the store never recovered. The Rodney Parham store survived that bankruptcy only because it had just been remodeled, so the numbers Lampert was using to cull the stores favored it over Asher.

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Sears files for bankruptcy protection; Arkansas store among 142 closures

IIRC, Russellville was the last Kmart in Arkansas. Kmart was run into the ground even worse than Sears, perhaps because Lampert started with them first (though their declines both started long before).

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Sears files for bankruptcy protection; Arkansas store among 142 closures

Everyone but Rip Van Winkle knew this day was coming -- even Eddie Lampert, who milked Sears for every dime he could. Let's just hope (or pray) it gets a bankruptcy judge with the guts to make Lampert pay at least some of that back, and either close Sears & Kmart for good or at least let someone with the expertise to run a major retailer -- NOT Lampert, who's already scheming to buy back the profitable stores -- revive the company.

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First lady says she ignores rumors of Trump's infidelity

As far as Trump's actual cheating, if Melania doesn't care neither should we. (I took the same position with Bill & Monica.) Where it DOES become a public issue, however, is when her husband pays the other women to stay silent just before the election -- just like the GOP screamed when claiming Bill perjured himself over Monica (except they never should have been asking Bill that question to begin with).

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Arkansas Supreme Court upholds revised voter ID law

@Obieone: Nope, NONE of those are proven. (California does give DLs to undocumented aliens *and* auto-register CITIZENS from their DLs, but it does NOT auto-register aliens.) Veritas is FAKE NEWS.

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Central Arkansas movie theater cleared to sell alcohol

Doug Hatcher lives in Ward, not Cabot. He has no more right to petition for the repeal of a Cabot city ordinance than I do as a Jacksonville resident. Not to mention repealing the ordinance probably will NOT nullify the state permit. And it's disingenuous to count the membership rolls of the churches whose pastors back Hatcher's hatchet job (pun intended) on the people of Cabot; I betcha a lot of the church members will support it when outside those pastors' control.

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Vote for reform

Funny how this piece COMPLETELY IGNORES the court rules provisions of Issue 1. Some of us don't like the so-called "tort reform" provisions, but what's REALLY driving the opposition to Issue 1 (other than Jerry Cox) is the legislature backstabbing the judiciary.

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3 hopefuls seek Arkansas lands office

Land says he wants "to start moving delinquent properties into the hands of private companies and individuals." Isn't that what the land commissioner's office does NOW? If not, why isn't the current land commissioner (of the same party as Land *and* seeking a higher office) doing his job? Seems to me that Williams is the most qualified candidate. Campbell's idea of abolishing the office altogether may be reasonable, but we all know that ain't gonna happen even if he's elected.

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Miss America Organization strikes back at rebellious states

How about abolishing fake generals first?

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McConnell says he's open to Supreme Court nomination in 2020

Hah406, it's Sotomayor who has type 1 diabetes, not Kagan. Still, it's pretty much impossible to have "uncontrolled" type 1 diabetes; either you take your insulin or you die, because your body doesn't make it AT ALL. Only type 2 diabetes (which I have) can be "uncontrolled" without insulin or drugs, because your body doesn't make enough insulin and/or resists the insulin it makes. ABB is clearly daydreaming.
And since when was the Mafia trying to stop Kavanaugh? If they wanted to stop him, they could do it faster than you can say Jimmy Hoffa.

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