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House adjourns, shutdown near certain

YES we need the wall it’s decades over freaking due, but how childish is it when our President wants to act like a two year old child and spread the news like a two year old I WANT CANDY IF I DO NO GER MY WAY I AM GOING TO FLOP IN THE FLOOR AND THROW A HISSY FIT
It’s crazy that leaders of our government can’t just agree to do what the people have asked for, they all need to grow up and act like adults and stop threaten a shut down every few months if they don’t get their way it’s so childish.
Why is it our governor can take the poor people’s food from their table and their healthcare but we can support illegals and let them have free everything we should stand for Legal and Americans that are legally here not ones that sneak across our borders then get everything for free and then take it back to Mexico and waver their flags laughing all the way back to Mexico? Just my opinions on our lovely government!

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State officials say another 4,600 enrollees dropped from Arkansas Works due to work requirement


Your funny sir that you don’t believe Medicare is paid for by the taxpayer lol everything with government is paid for by us the taxpayer get out from under that rock in life just because you receive Meidcare as you say living off the taxpayer dime with your healthcare does not mean it’s not funded by taxes, this crap amazes me!

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State officials say another 4,600 enrollees dropped from Arkansas Works due to work requirement

Are you looking for petty, because of your age and your health, your saying you don’t receive Medicaid I’m guessing since you said your getting no help if that’s so please return your Medicare card as well I don’t believe you if your 70 like you say I’m not believeing you, your getting some type of help or break on the system even if its Affordable Care Act Your still getting assistance so please don’t take people for fools. I don’t care if your rep or demo or indep waste of money is spent on worse things then human race in my opinion. Your 70 so let’s say you have a stroke or heart attack god forsaken you don’t since you care so much for other humans but say you did and you lost your insurance how would you feel to go two years with no healthcare or insurance because you have to wait till SSID decides your disabled before you can get help I know this does not apply to you because our state government is now prejudice against anyone under the age of 49 if your on midicare in your eyes you yourself is burden on us the working class because we are paying for that as well just the way I see it and just my opinion and possible others like the two lawsuits that’s been filed against the state. I’ve always been told the rich only care about getting themselves nice things paid for by the poor and only care about themselves sounds true now days

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State officials say another 4,600 enrollees dropped from Arkansas Works due to work requirement

What a surprise a Lawyer (govenor) our caring Governor is out just for rich!!!!
Let’s make him a little richer maybe we can spend another 800,000 on the Govenor’s Mansion just wasn’t high class enough for a lawyer I mean governor my opinion maybe he can buy some Cadillac Escalades to travel three to four at a time to all these towns that he cares so much about why would he want to ride in a cheap 70,000 blacked out Chevy Surburbans LTZ High Country extended editions when he could be in a Cadillac Escalade on tax payer’s dime
Clueless people think he’s trying to save it’s about using it for what he wants to use it for not the human race why should government be able to dictate how a person lives. I work I pay taxes I pay for my and my families healthcare I would rather help the human race then spend millions on making these offices fancy and comfort for him and his staff just glad he’ll be gone in four years thank goodness. Guess when they take houses then guns y’all cry that the government has to much control give the government a inch they will take a mile just my opinion.

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State officials say another 3,800 enrollees fail work requirement, lose health care coverage

Sometimes you have to think of others your tax dollars are going to be wasted regardless if it’s taking care of the human race or if it’s just a remodel for the Governor Mansion or something he wants to use it on, do you really think he's not gonna ask for more money, he’s bragging about not taking care of the poor in Arkansas and he’s saving all this money but he’s got his hand out wanting his budget raised by millions and millions of dollars once again. One day you will need these services and it will be so hard to get help you’ll think to yourself maybe we shouldn’t had let him make it like this.
Have you ever thought of the families that don’t want to stick the elderly in nursing homes some people will want to spend the time caring for their mother their father their family member that’s elderly but yet they will have to choose to do this without healthcare? Have you thought what if I become disabled I loose my job and have to wait two to three years to get Social Security Disability you’ll have to wait them years with NO healthcare because you haven’t been approved disabled by SSID there is a lot of loop holes that he has favored for the government. Let’s say you get a chronic disorder that you have to prove to SSID and they deny and deny approval of SSID and you have to use SSID attorney now you will have to figure out how you’ll continue to see your doctors do you have money to pay doctor visits and medication? I’ve talked to people that are going thru these problems, it could
Be easier for reporting work the person working should only have to report their earnings with their HR Manger contact info and at that point Arkansas works contacts them and have work history faxed once every six months. They want to make these laws but not make it easy on the poor if your working a 20 hour week you can’t afford to do all the leg work for the state, well they can report it at these places the state has set up for them to do it, well if you have ever lived like a poor person you know how you have to make ends met by not wasting fuel and wasted trips. The state has all the money they will ever need and they don’t want to pay for health insurance so it can be wasted trust me if you think they will give that money back to the tax payer your a fool!
Think what would I do or my family would do if we become disabled and have to wait on SSID to approve me you better have thousands of dollars saved for doctor visits and medication and pray very hard you can make it without needing a surgery because if you have to surgery you’ll loose your home and you better hope he hasn’t taken public housing by then.
We all have a opinion and this is mine

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State officials say another 3,800 enrollees fail work requirement, lose health care coverage

I hoping these 12,xxx find a good lawyer that would like to file a lawsuit against our Governor aka Lawyer Governor and make him pay for the life’s that will be lost because of his own actions. It’s funny how the government can wast billions and billions of taxpayers money but they don’t believe in the human race there’s no law stating that mankind has to work and no dictator as it seems should be able to find a way to force them to in my opinion. You guys have a issue with healthcare but you don’t have a issue with the millions and millions he wants to increase his budget? Wait he may want to remodel the governors home again it’s been done for a few weeks now, or maybe he thinks they need to get rid of the 60,000 dollar Chevy Surburbans they travel three or four to each town in and get Cadillac Escalades why not the remodel was over 800,000 dollars for the governors mansion but some of y’all don’t see the waste. I’m guessing just as soon as y’all are able to get Medicaid or Medicare you’ll take it and run to the doctor with it I’m guessing because that is different because it’s you? Do you believe he is paying for his own health insurance lol you the tax payer is picking that up as well. Take it how you want you don’t have to respect my opinion nor do I have to respect the opinion of people that hate the poor.
Before you ask yes I have a job yes I pay for my own health insurance I believe people should do as they please and the Governor shouldn’t be able to control these people and so do the two pending lawsuits that’s filled on the state.
What makes the cut off age at 49? Is it because he is protecting a family member or friend that receives Medicaid that’s over 49 lot of unanswered questions!

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Arkansas governor's $5.75B budget includes teacher raises, tax cut

I get a kick out of this guy he is always wanting more money it’s every year with him, he wants to talk about waste but yet he’s always there with his hand out wanting more hard earned tax money. I wonder why this wasn’t part of his re-election? Stop wasting our money for this stuff sir if you can’t run the office on the millions you get already step down and let someone else do it!
Wanted a one million remodel for governors house he got that I would said live in your own dang house we pay you way to much as it is, pay for your meals your gas what more do you need sir?
Gets old watching all this money get wasted it’s just a shame in my opinion

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Official: Woman fatally shot by hunter in Arkansas

I’m shocked by what you stated about Hunters we all are not out for the biggest animal some of us are here for the food, can I ask do you eat any type of meat then you need not to speak! If you want to see inhumane go to chicken house and see how they are killed. Do you believe it would be better for wasting disease to take over? Do you fish do you believe this to be different then hunting, they both put food on the table?

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Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson gets four more years as state's leader

He cites “hard work” for winning the election I doubt these guys have ever done hard work one day in their life, hard work isn’t sitting behind a desk and making things worse for the poor citizens of Arkansas most of us from Arkansas wasn’t born with a gold spoon in our mouths I could be wrong it wouldn’t be the first time, just a funny feeling I’m not wrong about this, like all I have the right to my own opinion and this is just my opinion.

One thing I can say money will get ya what ya want as far as my opinion go!

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Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson gets four more years as state's leader

Hey MaxCady
We the taxpayer just spent almost 1 million on another remodel at the state capital and it came with indoor sunglasses

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