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U.S. jobless rate unexpectedly falls to 7.8%; 114,000 jobs added

With respect, I have pretty much driven this entire nation as well as most parts of Western Europe so please do not think I am basing my views only upon Arkansas. I completely agree with your thoughts on education and particulary like how you point out the successes and failures of individual states. If I counted correctly you mentioned 7 seperate states and the District of Columbia but not once did you mention the US Department of Education. Perhaps subconsciously you realize that the needs of each state are different and that education could be better implemented and managed at the state level without federal interference. I also agree that money provided by tax payers to schools should be better prioritized but we should also address the costs associated with with federal mandates, not jut coaches salaries.
As for the teen pregnancy rate, Arkansas does have the 3rd highest in the nation which Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families attributes to poverty. But providing children money to have babies will never raise them from poverty and wil in fact keep them trapped. Nationally the teen pregnancy rate rose once the Great Reforms of LBJ were fully implemented and first topped 100 pregnancies/1000 teens in 1975 and peaked at 117 pregnancies/1000 teens in 1990. The rate began to drop with Clintons welfare reforms of 1994 and are now only 71 pregnancies/1000 teens. Interestingly, this same pattern is noticeable in homicide rates. One cannot not help but wonder if paying children to have babies is the root cause of all of our ills.

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The fallacy of redistribution

Ronalfos if you are upset about the Walton's wealth, stop shopping at WalMart rather than asking the government to seize their wealth. We minions of the rich can choose who we decide should be wealthy through our individual purchasing powers and we do not need government to make that decision for us. Other than Obamacare, we are not forced to purchase anything from anybody.

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U.S. jobless rate unexpectedly falls to 7.8%; 114,000 jobs added

Simple fact is had the report shown an increase in unemployment, we Romney supporters would have gladly used the results against the President. One thing we must all remember though is that these reports are but samplings and do not reflect the true unemployment rate. I've never relied upon these numbers when determining the true state of the economy. I prefer to look at local quality of life issues such as crime, housing and homelessness and currently, the outlook is grime. Violent crime and murder rates are up as are burglaries and other thefts. Much like CliffCarson and NoCross, I too drive around- a lot, but I don't look at bumper stickers. I see deteriorating housing, foreclosure postings and more beggers than usual. Taken collectively I can deduce that the economy sucks and that if current trends continue, we are in for even worse times. Blame can only be assigned jointly on Presidents Bush and Obama as the policies of both failed our nation. This means we must put somebody else in charge and like it or not Mitt Romney is the only other choice.

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NLR police seek tips after robber kills store clerk

Felina, the point is that we've allowed criminality to flourish due to our leniency towards criminals. We should not have to live and work in fortresses and suffer at the mercy of thugs. America has not always been this way and people did not always live with these types of fears

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The fallacy of redistribution

Well said Populist! ...Aimee really? Do the names Clinton, Kennedy or Johnson ring a bell? All have been recently touted by the left.

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NLR police seek tips after robber kills store clerk

Rather than fortifying everything we should try actually punishing criminals. One of the reasons for the escalation in crime and violence is the liberal interpretation we've applied to "cruel and unusual" punishment. Due of a recent court ruling taxpayers must foot the bill for a prisoners sex change because being a male causes him mental anguish which has been deemed cruel. We really need to wake up!

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The fallacy of redistribution

You are correct and I have said here and on other forums many times that neither party meets the needs of the majority of Americans who are closer to the middle than the extreme fringes. One of the main problems is that we are attempting to legislate morality which is why we have such a divide between the left and the right. Morality should be regulated by the church or individual values- not by government mandate. Just because we find something morally contemptuous does not mean it should be illegal. Examples being abortion, gay unions, alcohol and marijuana.

I do not believe Republicans are against education, just the waste within the system. In fact, No Child Left Behind was proposed by Pres. G.W. Bush and was enacted with bipartisan support by Congress. Of course it turned out to be disastrous and probably one of the most burdensome mandates ever placed on our educational system. Its a perfect example of why the federal government should not be involved in education as it could be better managed by the individual states. Limited government.

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The fallacy of redistribution

That almost makes me think you've read my book so of course I completely agree with your comments but not your disdain for Romney. If we're not careful you and I might meet in the middle soon.

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The fallacy of redistribution

Not to beleaguer my point but just within the last 30 minutes I've had two encounters worth mentioning. First school just let out and some kids were hanging out in the parking lot. I was approached by an 8 year old you pointed to a car that just drove up and the kid said "go arrest him, he got weed in his pocket." I asked how he knows that and he replied "cause he smoke it with my momma." Its just a good example of how children are being raised around criminal activity and before he becomes a teenager, he will accept such activity as completely normal.

After that a woman reported that her apartment had been shot up. I looked and sure enough, a large calibre round went through the kids bedroom window, through the living room wall and finally out the living room window. Luckily no one was at home at so no one was injured. This is the quality of life that our entitlement society has created.

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Medical-marijuana measure upheld for ballot

With almost 20 years of law enforcement service and counting, I have fought meth-heads, crack addicts, pill junkies and speed freaks but I cannot recall having ever fought someone that was just a pot head. Pot tends to have a mellowing effect.

Although I would not smoke it even if it were legal, I cannot see how marijuana is any different from or worse than alcohol. They both are intoxicants and both can lead to some medical problems if abused. So can breathing to much oxygen.

Marijuana has been used for a variety of purposes for hundreds of years and the use and possession of it was legal until 1937 when congress enacted the Marijuana Tax Act. The act did not ban marijuana itself as that would be unconstitutional. Instead in order to possess marijuana one would have to have a tax-stamp. In a classic catch 22 situation, it was a legal impossibility to obtain a marijuana tax stamp (unless you were a doctor or dentist). For the recreational user, in order to obtain the tax stamp you had to have the marijuana in hand – which was itself a felony. Not surprisingly, there was not a single recreational marijuana stamp tax ever issued.

In 1969, the United States Supreme Court declared the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act of 1937 unconstitutional, because it required that the person seeking a tax stamp incriminate himself, in direct violation of the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Congress responded by passing the Controlled Substance Act of 1970 and cited the Interstate Commerce Clause as the basis for its authority and marijuana has been illegal ever since. If this circumvention of the constitution sounds familiar, it should because its exactly how obama-care was rammed down our throats. First they attempted to regulate it as Interstate Commerce but that was found to be unconstitutional so the Supreme Court declared it a tax and as such its legal and we must all abide by it. Bad things happen when you mess with the Constitution.

In 2005 the SCOTUS ruled that state laws allowing for medical marijuana cannot over-ride federal laws banning it so the Obama administration through the Department of Justice issued a letter stating it would not actively prosecute those who are authorized through state laws to grow, possess or use medical marijuana. Given the conflicting policies at all levels of government along with questionable constitutional activity, I can certainly understand why some would like to see marijuana completely legalized with the same regulations and taxes currently in place for alcohol.

RaulDuke, trust me, Inquire is a liberal and insulting peoples religious beliefs will not help your cause.

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