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    The loss of a legend

    Southern Rock fans can be excused if they take next week off in memory of one of its biggest legends. On Thursday, Allman Brothers lead guitarist Dickey Betts …

  • If I were king

    In Democratic political theory, the function of mass-based political parties is to put forth viable candidates for public office in order to influence public p…

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    Our Town

    My sons and I walked the path leading to the heart of campus, toward the tall iron gates. A gravel trail crunched under our feet as we meandered, talking about…


  • Ukraine, West praise US aid package vote

    KYIV, Ukraine -- Ukrainian and Western leaders on Sunday welcomed a desperately needed aid package passed by the U.S. House of Representatives, as the Kremlin …

  • Ships to challenge blockade by Israel

    ISTANBUL -- A flotilla of ships bound for the Gaza Strip is preparing to sail from Turkey in the coming days, organizers say, on a mission aimed at breaching I…

  • Trump cancels N.C. political rally

    WILMINGTON, N.C. -- Donald Trump had to cancel his first planned rally since the start of his criminal hush-money trial because of a storm Saturday evening in …

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