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    EDITORIAL: David Pryor

    Senator/Governor/Statesman David Pryor will go down in the annals of Arkansas politics as, if nothing else, the nicest guy you knew. We know from experience th…

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    EDITORIAL: ‘Think again’

    Last week, Google fired 28 employees for their involvement in a sit-in at the tech giant. The now ex-employees were protesting the company's $1.2 billion contr…


  • Opening statements given in Trump trial

    NEW YORK -- Donald Trump tried to illegally influence the 2016 presidential election by preventing damaging stories about his personal life from becoming publi…

  • Panel defends UN relief agency neutrality

    UNITED NATIONS -- An independent review of the neutrality of the U.N. agency helping Palestinian refugees found that Israel never expressed concern about anyon…

  • Justices weigh bans of homeless people sleeping outdoors

    WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court wrestled with major questions about the growing issue of homelessness on Monday as it considered whether cities can punish peop…

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