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Author of three books now in publication. HALFWAY TO DAYLIGHT, a novel, about the people of the Appalachian unwanted region of the Old Dominion during the Great Depression of the 1930's. THE LOST MESSIAH, a novel, is the story of what happened 2000 years ago in Rome and Judea that spawned a religion that changed the world. UFOs-WHERE FROM HERE is a treatise that urges all political leaders, scientists and people who think outside the narrow box, to investigate and to effectively communicate with extraterrestrial craft now flowing in our skies. It just might save our planet from the abyss.


Writer-Author of 3 books


Sherwood, Arkansas


The Wildcat Valley in Virginia

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Fdworfe (FRED WORFE) says...

Science frequently challenges conventional wisdom, the way it should be. So what happens when conventional science is challenged? Read Fred Worfe's UFOs-WHERE FROM HERE. This book not only challenges the best science minds, it challenges all world leaders and all people who can think beyond the narrow box to re-consider our planet's attitude and concept of those extraterrestrial craft now flying in our skies. Can we, in all fairness, keep denying countless and credible eye witness sightings? Can we truthfully say these reports are hallucinations, fabrications or outright lies? Why do we spend billions looking for intelligent life "out there," while refusing to accept or contact with this ultra-intelligence well within range and communication touch? Why are our political and military leaders reluctant to discuss and investigate this most important phenomenon of all times?

February 18, 2015 at 6:27 p.m. ( reply | | suggest removal )