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Comments by Walklady
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Walklady (RA R) says...

Why am I not surprised to see such a hateful article about Bruce Jenner. The man has struggled all his life with his gender...I thought the interview was very well done, and you could easily see the pain this man has gone through. He was very candid about this struggle he's had his entire life. He should be respected for his decision to go through with his transformation. Who are we to question why now? People don't do this because it's just something they decided they want to try out. It's a situation they were born with....same as homosexuals. My best friend had a son who showed feminine qualities at a very young age. When he was 2, my friend told me she "feared" he was gay because he didn't want to play with little boy toys, or get his hands dirty. The young man, who was always so kind and passionate, went thru high school struggling with his sexuality. He even got married, but after 3 months into the marriage, said he could no longer pretend to be someone he really wasn't. He and the wife divorced, and he eventually met a man, who he has been happily living with for almost 20 years. They are fine upstanding citizens who work good jobs and own a home. They exhibit more kindness and compassion to people, than the people who berate them for who they are. I just do not understand the hatred you folks exhibit... get you heads out of the sand! EVERYONE is entitled to live the way they want to live. Whatever happened to "Jesus loves the little children ALL the children of the world?"
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April 28, 2015 at 8:11 p.m. ( reply | | suggest removal )