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Retired general Wesley Clark rules out '20 run

Gen Wesley CLARK & TULSI Gabbard NEED to Run/for/ The White House Together... And bring in... All Military/who want: No! Wasteful Wars! & USE The 60% Of "Black Ops"(Dirty!) MONEY!!! for America! & Americans!!! Let/ZIONIST'S--> DIE! in Their OWN/WARS: They've Murdered!!: Since/Anschel Rothschild/Began His illegal/UnBiblical... USURY!! Israel/has Zero Debt/BC/We Barrow Trillions & GIVE/It to Israel &They Use/Us/to Fight Their WARS! The Last/Great President: JFK/HERO+ "THEY" Blew the top of his head Off... JACKSON/Killed the Central Bank!!! Can You Say...Democrat'S?!!! ... PLEASE: WESLEY CLARK/SPEAK/w/TULSI Gabbord, a Major/In NAT/Guard w/Two Tours Of DUTY!! in Mid EAST... AMERICA/NEEDS PEACE! & To CARE for CARE OUR OWN FIRST Stabilize USA, then Share the BLESSINGS! When We put OUT/the Fire! in OUR OWN HOME! PLEASE/Let's Save USA for Our Children & Seniors...

May 9, 2019 at 11:51 a.m. ( | suggest removal )