State-owned cars used for commuting

Vehicle use by state employees - A comprehensive look

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List of Arkansas Game and Fish commuters (PDF)
List of agencies and number of employees who pay taxes for personal use of state owned vehicles
Secretary of State vehicle list
Governor's Policy Directive on the use of state vehicles (PDF)

This information from the state Department of Finance and Administration shows the 292 state executive branch employees authorized to commute between home and work under the state's "official business only" policy on the use of state vehicles. The list covers employees working for the parts of government that are under the governor's direct authority.

Employees of the Highway Department, the Game and Fish Commission and the state constitutional officers are by law independent and not included in this list.

Being on this list is not an indicator that any of these employees should or should not pay any tax on the use of the vehicles nor who did or did not pay tax on the use of the vehicle.

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