Moore concedes, GOP controls Arkansas House for first time since 1874

— Republicans will control the Arkansas House next year after taking a majority of seats for the first time since Reconstruction.

According to The Associated Press, Sue Scott in Benton County has won the State House 95 seat, giving the GOP 51 of the House’s 100 seats. Democrats have 48 seats and the Green Party has one.

Mark Moore, Scott's independent candidate, confirmed at about 4:40 p.m. Thursday that he had conceded the race.

All three of Benton County's paper ballot machines broke after Tuesday's election, leaving uncertainty about the outcome of many races.

Robbyn Tumey, a Benton County election commissioner, told NWA Media at about 3 p.m. that officials were still counting votes and would likely not have a final count until tomorrow.

Republicans won the state Senate, too, but the GOP doesn’t have the three-fourths majority needed to pass appropriations bills.

The last time Republicans held a majority in the state House was prior to the 1874 elections.

Read more in tomorrow's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.