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FAYETTEVILLE -- The Fayetteville Public Education Foundation on Tuesday announced the winners of $68,705 in grants to teachers and staff.

The foundation awarded 29 grants in its fall program for projects at 12 individual campuses. Five grants will go to projects across the district or at multiple campuses, according to information from the Fayetteville School District.

School Name•Applicant•Amount awarded

Agee-Lierly Life Preparation Services•Leverett Archer•$3,398

All District•Dana Smith•$1,751

All District•Renee Deshommes•$1,000

All elementary schools•Jeanne King•$4,071

Asbell Elementary•Carlena Lambert•$704

Butterfield Trail Elementary•Joey Folsom•$5,000

Butterfield Trail Elementary•Sherri Watson•$1,009

Butterfield Trail Elementary•Martha Palmer•$500

Fayetteville High•Jeffrey O’Connell•$3,000

Fayetteville High•Christin Riley•$5,000

Fayetteville High•Warren Rosenaur•$2,000

Happy Hollow Elementary•Jennifer Nicholas•$1,500

Holcomb Elementary•Caitlyn Meyer•$454

McNair Middle•Michelle Phillips•$1,754

Multiple schools•Lindsey Jones•$3,836

Multiple schools•Claire Mitchell, Jennifer Jackson, Robert Crouch•$3,257

Owl Creekl•Collier Dallas•$1,700

Owl Creek•Mary Martin•$1,240

Owl Creek•Tollie Lancaster, Laurie Gavrilova•$4,320

Owl Creek•Holley Shinn•$2,270

Ramay Junior High•LouAnn Hays•$1,000

Ramay Junior High•Diane Firmin•$1,500

Ramay Junior High•Bethany Strasser•$1,800

Vandergriff Elementary•Marci Tate•$300

Washington Elementary•Chad Lechtenberger•$950

Washington Elementary•Ryan Dillard and Danielle Phillips•$450

Washington Elementary•Terra Ogle, Shannon Lawson, Kelly Wade•$840

Woodland Junior High•Bill Maxey•$4,500

Woodland Junior High•Jon Bukont•$9,601

Source: Fayetteville School District

Grant requests are made by teachers who have identified a specific educational opportunity lacking only money for implementation, according to a news release.

The grants were supported by $48,901 from the Fayetteville Public Education Foundation's $3.6 million endowment. Another $19,804 came from donations from Truity Education Foundation, C&C Services and First Security Bank in Fayetteville.

The schools, applicants and amounts awarded were:

• Agee-Lierly Life Preparation Services, Leverett Archer, $3,398

• All District, Dana Smith, $1,751

• All District, Renee Deshommes, $1,000

• All elementary schools, Jeanne King, $4,071

• Asbell Elementary School, Carlena Lambert, $704

• Butterfield Trail Elementary School, Joey Folsom, $5,000

• Butterfield Trail Elementary School, Sherri Watson, $1,009

• Butterfield Trail Elementary School, Martha Palmer, $500

• Fayetteville High School, Jeffrey O'Connell, $3,000

• Fayetteville High School, Christin Riley, $5,000

• Fayetteville High School, Warren Rosenaur, $2,000

• Happy Hollow Elementary School, Jennifer Nicholas, $1,500

• Holcomb Elementary School, Caitlyn Meyer, $454

• McNair Middle School, Michelle Phillips, $1,754

• Multiple schools, Lindsey Jones, $3,836

• Multiple schools, Claire Mitchell, Jennifer Jackson, Robert Crouch, $3,257

• Owl Creek School, Collier Dallas, $1,700

• Owl Creek School, Mary Martin, $1,240

• Owl Creek School, Tollie Lancaster, Laurie Gavrilova, $4,320

• Owl Creek School, Holley Shinn, $2,270

• Ramay Junior High School, LouAnn Hays, $1,000

• Ramay Junior High School, Diane Firmin, $1,500

• Ramay Junior High School, Bethany Strasser, $1,800

• Vandergriff Elementary School, Marci Tate, $300

• Washington Elementary School, Chad Lechtenberger, $950

• Washington Elementary School, Ryan Dillard and Danielle Phillips, $450

• Washington Elementary School, Terra Ogle, Shannon Lawson, Kelly Wade, $840

• Woodland Junior High School, Bill Maxey, $4,500

• Woodland Junior High School, Jon Bukont, $9,601

Source: Fayetteville School District

NW News on 09/21/2016

Print Headline: Fayetteville foundation announces fall grants for schools

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