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DEAR HELOISE: What are the best times to travel? My husband and I want to go to Europe.

-- Eleanor T., Taos, N.M.

DEAR READER: The best time of year is probably before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. Summer and holidays are busy times, with tourists booking hotels and events, and longer lines to visit attractions.

DEAR HELOISE: My wife and I love to travel. We've learned a few things over the years to ensure a safe and fun vacation:

• Buy travel insurance.

• Photocopy all important documents. Carry a copy.

• Alert your bank and credit card companies of your plans.

• Carry a bottle of water on the plane and stay hydrated.

-- Bill and Emily,

San Antonio

DEAR HELOISE: Living in Southeast Oklahoma, where it gets hot, I have tried to limit opening the refrigerator to a minimum. After meals, I gather all the leftovers by the side and place all the items in at one time.

-- Judy H., Soper, Okla.

DEAR HELOISE: I send little gifts to friends and my grandkids. Usually, I don't get any "thank-yous." I know I need to stop sending gifts unless people send a thank-you. I feel bad, because I was raised to acknowledge a gift with a thank-you of some kind.

-- Sandy R., California

DEAR READER: If your grandkids haven't been taught to show a little appreciation with a thank-you, talk to their mother or father and ask why. If you don't get a thank-you by telephone, email or note card, stop sending things to the people who do not acknowledge your thoughtfulness.

DEAR HELOISE: Our two cats are indoor cats. Both are rescued males that were born to a feral mother. My wife wants to have them neutered and get their shots, but I think that's unnecessary since they do not go outside. What do you suggest we should do?

-- Frank J., Tennessee

DEAR READER: Get your pets neutered and have the vet give them their shots. If one of them got out, it could father a litter of kittens, and the world does not need any more stray kittens. Neutered male cats are usually cleaner and less aggressive. The shots protect your pet from diseases transmitted by other animals. Your veterinarian will let you know which shots you need, then follow his or her advice.

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