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  1. During what decade was the Great Depression?

  2. What day of the week is associated with blue laws?

  3. Saying: What's good for _____ is good for our country. (America)

  4. What is the EPA?

  5. What is considered to be the pivotal battle of the Civil War?

  6. Which car manufacturer produces the Volt?

  7. The Miracle Worker dramatized her early education.

  8. Which politician delivered the "Cross of Gold" speech?

  9. How many soldiers are featured in the painting The Spirit of '76?


  1. 1930s

  2. Sunday

  3. General Motors

  4. Environmental Protection Agency

  5. Battle of Gettysburg

  6. General Motors (Chevrolet)

  7. Helen Keller

  8. William Jennings Bryan

  9. Three

Style on 03/13/2018

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Cultural literacy

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